What criteria does Medicare use to determine eligibility for mobility scooters?

The first step in applying for a mobility scooter through Medicare is to get a prescription from your physician. The physician and durable medical equipment provider will then complete a Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN). For a person to qualify for Medicare reimbursement for a mobility scooter, a person must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Requires a wheelchair to maneuver in his/her home
  • Cannot operate a manual wheelchair
  • Can safely operate the controls of a mobility scooter
  • Can transfer safely to and from a mobility scooter
  • Has adequate stability to safely ride a mobility scooter

Medicare reimbursement varies depending on where you live. We recommend finding a local durable medical equipment provider to help you with the Medicare reimbursement process. Connect with an Amigo Mobility Center equipment provider here.