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Posted on Tuesday November 3, 2020

The best gifts for loved ones with disabilities tend to be ones that make their lives easier. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, we’ve put together this holiday gift guide for people with disabilities to help.

We’ve got you covered with options for Amigo users, gifts that make the home more accessible, sensory stimulation, help with chronic pain and for children with disabilities.

Holiday Gift Guides for People with Disabilities

Gifts for Amigo users

Alert Light

Alert Light

The Amigo Alert Light features an orange safety flag and LED Light (with strobe option). Think of it as Rudolph’s red nose for your Amigo!

  • Can be attached to Amigos, bicycles, strollers, scooters and more
  • Is weatherproof
  • Foldable for easy storage

Cup Holder

The Amigo Durable RAM Mount brand cup holder is ideal for keeping beverages secure and within reach. What’s better than always having your hot cocoa close by?

  • Easy to mount
  • Fits a variety of beverages
Cup Holder
Cell Phone Holder

Cell Phone Holder

The Amigo cell phone holder is ideal for keeping your cell phone close. You never know when you’ll need it to help you get over the bridge and through the woods on your way to holiday dinner, or maybe to call Santa to update his naughty and nice lists.

  • Easy to mount
  • Fits most phone models

Side Mirrors

Make sure you can see all 12 reindeer in your blind spot with the Amigo side mirrors so you don’t risk getting ran over.

  • Easy to mount to Amigo handles
  • Adjustable to fit user’s viewing area
Side Mirrors
Cane Holder

Cane Holder

We can’t promise candy canes will fit, but your personal cane definitely will. Mount this accessory to the rear basket to keep all of your mobility devices close to make enjoying the holidays easy and jolly.

  • Easy to mount on the rear basket accessory
  • Fits most canes

Rear Basket

The perfect size to bring the menorah, dreidels and gelt to the first day of Hanukkah. The rear basket is easy to mount to your Amigo to transport whatever is needed.

  • Fits the Amigo RT, Express, RD, and HD
  • Comes with mount kit for easy installation
Rear Basket

Gifts to make life more accessible

Gift Guide for People with Disabilities - Accessible

Make life easier for a loved one with a disability with these gift ideas to make their home more accessible.

  1. Hands-Free Leash for Service Dogs
  2. Echo Dot
  3. Ring Doorbell
  4. Smart Lightbulbs

Gifts for sensory stimulation

Gift Guide for People with Disabilities - Sensory

Those on the spectrum including autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD and other disabilities will thank you for the sensory components of these gift ideas.

  1. Weighted Blankets
  2. Noise-Cancelling Headphones
  3. Squishy Toys
  4. Fidget Jewelry
  5. Play-Doh
  6. Kinetic Sand

Gifts to help with chronic pain

Gift Guide for People with Disabilities - Chronic Pain

Relieve the symptoms of chronic pain and make life more manageable for loved ones with these gift ideas.

  1. Microwaveable Rice Heat Packs
  2. Electric Blankets
  3. Chair Massage Cushion
  4. Body Pillows

Gifts for children

Gift Guide for People with Disabilities - Children

Gifts for a child with a disability can be quite the challenge, use this list as a gift guide for children with disabilties.

  1. Puzzles
  2. Sorting Toys
  3. Mosaic Crafts
  4. Velcro Toys
  5. Puzzle Balls
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