When Hard Work Pays Off

Posted on Friday October 5, 2018

Friendly Wheels, Issue 125

October 2018

Allen Bowns is a hard-working and dedicated individual. Allen resides in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and has been an Amigo owner for many years. Since 1998, Allen has worked for Mid-Michigan Industries.

MMI is a not-for-profit organization committed to helping people make connections that lead them to meaningful employment, advanced skill enhancement and greater independence. MMI has become a leading employer in Central Michigan, providing a wide range of services to area businesses. The organization employs over 160 staff and provides a unique range of person-centered service opportunities to nearly 1,000 people every year.

Allen works for MMI’s Mount Pleasant manufacturing site that specializes in packaging, simple assemblies and quality control.

“I use my Amigo every day,” Allen says. “My Amigo takes me to the bus, I use it at work and when I come home. It also helps me get out to parks, movies and more.”

Three years ago, Allen purchased a new black Amigo RD. Jake Priest, Amigo Mobility Center consultant, worked with Allen to make sure it was an optimal fit for him and delivered it to Allen’s home. Before this, Allen owned a blue Amigo and two red ones. He takes pride in the fact that his hard work has led him to be able to pay for his Amigos outright. Even on a fixed income, Allen chooses Amigos because: “they work well for me and do not need a lot of maintenance.”

Allen’s dedication shows that hard work pays off!


Amigo Owner Helpful Tips

It’s that time of year – daylight hours are getting shorter. Don’t forget to be safe and highly visible when using your Amigo outdoors. Reflective clothing and using an Amigo Alert Light are great ways to stay visible when using sidewalks or crossing streets.

Learn more about Alert Light here and call 1-800-248-9131 to order.

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