“What Makes Your Amigo Exceptional?” | Friendly Wheels | Issue 113

Posted on Thursday September 3, 2015

“What Makes Your Amigo Exceptional?”

Friendly Wheels, Issue 113

October 2017

Amigo owners share their personal stories.

At Amigo Mobility, we take tremendous pride in manufacturing all of our products here in the United States of America.

Not every product is truly ‘one-size-fits-all’, especially when it comes to the world of mobility vehicles. Sometimes all it takes is one or two changes to become what the legendary Goldilocks might call “just right.” Hundreds of our Amigo owners have found the sweet spot by asking us for custom solutions tailored to their specific needs.

It is easy to customize your Amigo to make it your own. Whether a custom paint color, tablet holder, platform step or oxygen tank holder help to enhance your Amigo ownership experience, our goal is to increase the usability of your vehicle.

We love to hear from our owners, and some of them have taken the time to tell their unique stories below.

Michael Lovett, an Amigo owner since 2014, added a power seat lift to his Amigo HD which helps him do things around the house. “With the power up and down seat, I can spend all day in my garage and house,” Michael said. “The power seat allows me to work on equipment in my garage. I can lower myself down to work on my mower decks and change the tires on my car, tractor and golf cart.” See more seating options here.

Nancy Blatchley says the safety horn comes in handy while she’s substitute teaching. Nancy, an Amigo owner since 1999, uses the horn to capture the attention of her class. “Little children often see a day with a substitute teacher as a vacation from following rules,” Nancy said. “Sometimes it’s hard to get them quiet and paying attention, but I never had a problem with this. I simply blow the horn on my Amigo and students quiet down immediately!”

Along with the power seat lift and safety horn, customers appreciate the Amigo’s long battery life. Amigo owner Tim Brown says the Amigo’s long-lasting battery allows him to enjoy activities that typically require people to be able to walk long distances, including taking in the sights of places like the Detroit River Walk or Belle Isle State Park in Michigan.

Sometimes even our pets can benefit from using an Amigo! Pictured is Tim and his faithful canine companion on one of their regular walks.

Making Life Easier Making

with Shelley Peterman Schwarz

Ask the salesperson at your car dealership or the attendant at the car repair center if they can order over-the-seat, plastic “bags/covers” that will fit over the upholstered fabric seats in your car.  The smooth, plastic surface will make it easier to slide into the car and to change position.

For more travel tips from Shelley, click here.

You Ask, We Answer

I am planning a trip where I will be flying with my Amigo. How should I prepare?

Once you’ve chosen your airline, call in advance and give them as much information about your Amigo as possible. Some airlines offer mobility device forms to fill out, or you can click here to download our version — it is a fillable PDF, so you can type on it and print! In the end, it’s best to contact your airline and ask what information they require so you are prepared.

Here are a few links to articles where Amigo owners share their favorite airline travel tips:

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