Walk This Way | Friendly Wheels | Issue 76

Posted on Monday June 9, 2014

Walk This Way

Friendly Wheels, Issue 76
June 2014

With Amigo owner Ron Bachman

“Before you can be good to anyone else, you have to first find comfort and acceptance in the mirror.” 

Acceptance is the message Amigo owner Ron Bachman has been sharing for years. A renowned motivational speaker, Ron will soon be releasing his first book titled Walk This Way: Life Lessons for Dealing with Bullies and Bad Times.

For the past 17 years, Ron has been traveling the country educating children about the dangers of bullying and the importance of loving themselves for who they are.

An Amigo owner since 1980, Ron was born with a congenital birth defect that prevented his lumbar region, spine and sacrum from developing properly.

At the age of four, Ron’s parents made the difficult decision to have his legs amputated in hopes of a better life for Ron, and he has been on the go ever since.

After his speaking career took off, Ron continued to look for ways to positively impact young people. Spreading his “Walk This Way” message through a book made perfect sense.

Taking more than two years to write, the book details Ron’s life experiences and the lessons he has learned along the way. 

“I want as many people as possible to hear the story of someone who stayed in the game despite extraordinary circumstances,” Ron said. “If Ronnie can succeed, so can they.”

Ron partnered with copywriter Conny Coon to help write the book. The two made a great team as she would often let Ron do what he does best — talk.

“She would let me talk out my thoughts and we would go from there,” Ron said. “After the first hour session we spent together, I knew she was the perfect fit.”

Ron’s busy tour schedule made it quite a challenge at times, but his passion for helping change kids lives for the better was all the motivation he needed to work the long hours.

Like many of his tour appearances, Ron’s book is geared toward middle school ages, but people of all ages can benefit from Ron’s unique insight.

The cover was designed by Ron’s lifelong friend, Kim Fujiwara, and portrays the weathered brick city walls of Detroit, Michigan where Ron grew up.

Ron’s book will be available for purchase on Amazon and will also be available to download via Kindle.

We wish Ron the best of luck with the release of the book!

To learn more about Ron, visit www.ronniebachman.com or contact Whitney Stone at 586.484.8797 or info@2stonesevents.com for speaking engagements.

Ron’s book is now available on Amazon.com! Click below to order a paperback or an ebook for your ereader:


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