Traveling Internationally? Contact Amigo first

Traveling internationally with your Amigo doesn’t have to be a hassle. Next time you are planning a trip, call or email us with your serial number and the country you are traveling to so we can help. 

Before your trip, Amigo will:

  • Verify if you have a universal charger and if not you can purchase one from us
  • Identify what type of batteries you have and the approximate age. If they are older than 18 months we recommend buying new batteries before traveling. (Amigo has free shipping to our healthcare customers in the continental U.S.)
  • Mail you two spare keys to take with you. (There is no shipping fee for customers in the continental U.S.)
  • Help you look up the correct plug adaptor that you need and recommend which plug adaptor to use for the countries you are visiting. 
  • Send you Accessible Travel Tips

During your trip, Amigo will:

  • Send you contact info of local healthcare dealers in case you need help in a pinch while traveling 

Traveling by plane? No problem. Our Amigo sealed AGM batteries are approved for commercial airline travel. Our lithium-ion batteries are also approved and are rated below 300 watt hours. AGM batteries can be stored with your Amigo in the cargo hold of the plane while lithium batteries must be a carry-on item.

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