maintenance - Amigo Mobility



  • Charge the battery until fully charged to ensure proper battery operation
  • Keep away from excessive moisture
Tools for maintenance


  • Clean upholstery, plastic and metal with a mild surface cleaner
  • Inspect batteries for any cracks or damage of any kind
  • Check and tighten any exposed fasteners
  • Make sure all fasteners are tight on all battery connections
  • Check static ground wire located under vehicle. Replace if damaged or missing. Wire must be in contact with floor when operating the Amigo
  • If rubber boot on arm rest joint is missing, replace immediately


  • Check and clean battery terminals and the wire connections as needed with a light piece of emery cloth or brush and mixture of ½ cup baking soda to 1–1½ cups water
  • Check all screws and clips (that are holding wheels) for tightness and wear
  • Check all electrical connections for clean, tight contact
  • Charging connection should be inspected for tight connection
  • Inspect seat posts for wear
  • Lubricate seat bearings on upper seat post


  • Have your authorized service center check your Amigo completely
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