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OutRight can be used for ANY equipment where you want to protect your plugs or sockets from damage. Works with large and standard size plugs in multiple configurations including GFCI, wall mounted and raceway mounted gang boxes.

ETL tested to UL 514D

1 Gang box

Part # 12329

OutRight 1 gang outlet cover

OutRight 1 gang box includes the OutRight outlet cover, 1 standard plug insert, 1 GFCI plug insert, and 1 adapter.

2 Gang box

Part # 12330

OutRight 2 gang outlet cover

OutRight 2 gang box includes the OutRight outlet cover, 2 standard plug inserts, 2 GFCI plug inserts, and 2 adapters.

Why Outright?

The problem


When a ground pin breaks off in an outlet it costs a lot of time and money to fix.

The solution


OutRight saves on costly parts and service by guiding the plug straight out or OutRight!

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