Grandma Techno dances her way through life

Posted on Saturday September 7, 2019

Patricia Lay-Dorsey has been part of the Amigo family since 2000 when she lost her ability to walk after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1988. She may do things differently from when she used to run marathons in 1980, but “different” doesn’t mean bad. It simply includes a bit more ingenuity and determination.

Patricia’s favorite thing to do with her Amigo is to go dancing at techno music concerts and has even received the title “Grandma Techno.” At every concert, attendees clear a path so she can get to the front of the jam-packed stages riding her Amigo allowing her to dance the night away.
She has even been featured in a viral video and recently published a book called “They call me grandma techno.”

Her book includes 160 pages of photos that she has taken during her time at Detroit’s annual “Movement Detroit Electronic Music Festival” from 2007-2018. As you turn the pages in her book, you can feel the high energy and get a taste of the love and bliss that she experiences from interacting with the many attendees.

Patricia’s Amigo of choice is the Amigo RD . The front basket has become her favorite feature because it makes it easy to carry her camera equipment wherever she goes. She also uses a sliding board for all of her transfers to and from the seat and the power lift feature make each transfer safer and easier to manage.

Grandma Techno has become part of our Amigo family and we enjoy watching her shine as she enjoys each of her adventures.

Click here for her book!

Photo credit: Stephen Bondio

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