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Posted on Monday April 4, 2011

Making a Difference in the Community

Friendly Wheels, Issue 18
July 2009

Leonardo Camargo is determined to make a difference in his community. In high school he was actively involved in his school — a National Hispanic Scholar, student body president, MVP and captain on his soccer team. After graduating from Palma High in Salinas, Calif. Leonardo went to Santa Clara University where his active involvement in school continued.

In the spring of his senior year of college, Leonardo was in a car accident and suffered a spinal cord injury that dramatically changed his life. Years later, Leonardo is a full time wheelchair user and actively involved in his community. Determined to make a difference in the world – especially for others with spinal cord injuries, Leonardo is an advocate for a variety of causes.

He currently volunteers for the Adult Literacy Program at the Monterey County Free Libraries. Leonardo tutors adults one-on-one, teaching them to read. His dream is to help adults with limited skills better understand the U.S. healthcare system and the extensive paper work that is often necessary to receive treatment. Being bi-lingual in Spanish and English, he is helping those without strong English skills navigate the healthcare system to receive the best care possible.

His passion for community has spread to forming a local wheelchair lacrosse team, a game he was introduced to at the recent Abilities Expo ’09 in Calif. As his love of soccer has transferred to lacrosse, he is working on forming a team in his area to compete with other amateur teams.

VickiLike Leonardo, Amigo owner Vicki Bridges is working to make a difference by sharing her passions and knowledge with her community; including writing about her experiences with multiple sclerosis and sharing her health knowledge and research.

Making good use of her  journalism degree from the University of Texas, Vicki writes about her experiences with multiple sclerosis and shares research on her blog Down the MS Path.

Recent articles Vicki has written cover a variety of aspects on Progressive MS. She shares her emotions, story and other people’s stories with MS.

Also a regular contributor to Disaboom.com and MultipleSclerosisCentral.com, Vicki’s stories have benefited many people.

Read more about Leonardo at his blog, United I Stand and follow him on Twitter @dasalsakid. Read more about Vicki at her blog, Down the MS Path and follow her on Twitter @vvb. Check out a past Friendly Wheels article written by Vicki by clicking here.

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