Shiptons big R - Amigo Mobility

Case study


Amigo Mobility provided a better solution with the MAX Pro powered platform cart.


Employees were struggling to safely and efficiently move 50 lbs. bags of animal feed from the storage facility to the store across the street.


The Amigo Max Pro was introduced and stocking has never been smoother. What used to take employees four days to get done now only takes a day and a half – a 62% time savings.


“The Max Pro works far better than how we were moving product before. It provides a better solution.”
– Trent Bowman, Big R Store Manager

“The Max Pro has been fabulous! My manager told me I was getting a new cart but I didn’t know I was getting such a great cart. I can’t rave enough about it. I just love it!”
– Joann Harrison, Big R Department Manager

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