Posted on Friday March 5, 2021

Mobile Without Walking
Carol John, Amigo user, got her first power-operated vehicle when she was ten years old and her first Amigo when she was 30. Carol was an infant when she came down with Polio during the 1952 summer Polio epidemic. Because of paralysis complications, she has never walked. Carol fondly remembers seeing an ad in the TV Guide where the new Amigo “power lift seat” got her attention. Shortly thereafter, she became an Amigo user. Thirty-eight years later, Carol has had 8+ Amigos and appreciates the seat lift, narrow size, and shortened length. She also gives thanks to the long-lasting battery and convenient onboard charger.

Carol John Amigo User


When Carol received her first Amigo with a lift seat, it helped open new and exciting windows to independence. “Being able to reach appliances and the sink in the kitchen because of the seat lift made all the difference for me to live independently.” Carol also enjoys the feeling of being beside someone at a raised level instead of only a few feet high. When she is at a party or the mall, she uses the lift feature on her RT Express Jr. to raise her height and make her feel like a part of the group. Carol credits Amigo Mobility for making all the difference in her lifestyle.

Teacher & Writer
Now retired from a career in teaching and computer programming, she lives with her sister in Maryland. Carol has written a book, “An Introduction to the Bible,” which she describes as “a clear and enjoyable description of the stories and themes of the Bible.” After years of teaching Bible groups and finding an unmet need, Carol was inspired to write this book. It is designed as a guided tour through the Old Testament. For more information on Carol’s book, visit here.  

With an Amigo, you can look ahead
at all you can dream and do
because you are more mobile.

Carol John, 38 Year Amigo User

Carol John Amigo User

COVID Changes

Over the past year, Carol says she has mostly stayed at home and has been fortunate to have her sister and niece do the shopping and run errands. Carol has been passing the time during the pandemic by reading, studying, zooming with her Bible study class, and relaxing. She looks forward to traveling to Walt Disney World once restrictions are lessened.

Amigo Memories

One memory made possible because of her Amigo was her first trip to Washington DC. It was 1988, and her new Amigo RD easily navigated handicap-friendly urban planning, allowing her to go anywhere. Because of her Amigo, she was able to drive over the grass and the light gravel on the National Mall and up the ramp inside the National Archives to see the Constitution. Through the years, Carol has returned many times and knows DC like the back of her hand.

Being with family and friends enriches your life,
so ignore any stigma you may feel about using a power-operated vehicle. 


Carol John Amigo User- Motivational Tips:

  • If you are now becoming more dependent on your Amigo, keep in mind that the goal is mobility.
  • With an Amigo, you can look ahead at all you can dream and do because you are more mobile. 
  • The “Six Million Dollar Man” and the “Bionic Woman” had their bionics inside their bodies and overcame great obstacles. Your “bionics” are your Amigo.

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