Posted on Friday March 26, 2021

Our material handling solutions provide beneficial capability and decrease employee body stress. Wondering how they could work for your facility?
Here are six unique ways to use Amigo Material Handling Carts:

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

From maintenance and towing trailers to build that overcome your challenge, each unique challenge has its own ideal solution.

Amigo Mobility’s custom material handling line is moving people and products safely and efficiently every day. We’re utilizing over half a century’s worth of experience in designing and manufacturing to provide customized solutions to customers.

Order Picking Solutions

The Amigo Dex Pro has been the perfect solution for a Chevy dealership in Ohio to hail parts and customer orders, straight through the front door to the customer directly from the warehouse.

Shipping Solutions

Shipping departments, including Fedex, have found success utilizing Amigo’s material handling products. Drivers are able to move a large quantity of packages at once to their trucks.

Cart-Tugging Solutions

A major online retailer chose Amigo as we were easy to work with to customize their carts and get service parts shipped quickly.

Battery packs were customized on their machines to allow employees to easily swap batteries out at charging stations and keep them moving.

Maintenance Solutions

Make work tasks easier and increase productivity for your maintenance team by transforming Amigo material handling products into a unique, toolbox solution that is easily movable across your facility.

Manufacturing Solutions

Boride Abrasives was in need of an ergonomic solution to move thousands of pounds of carbide powder across their plant. The Amigo Max Pro was introduced to help make transporting materials easier and safer, without monopolizing their fork trucks.

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