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Posted on Friday March 6, 2020

While most boating companies aim at taking guests on an outdoor adventure. Captain Mick Nealey – a previous Amigo user – with Tranquil Adventures has created an experience dedicated to creating a memorable, tranquil time. Tranquil Adventures is a Key Largo-based fishing, snorkeling and sightseeing charter specializing in trips for people with disabilities.

Captain Nealey, an experienced Keys captain and guide, launched Tranquil Adventures over 20 years ago. The charter tour and cruise operation specializes in providing accessible boat tours to persons with disabilities. As a polio survivor since the age of two, Nealey considers himself uniquely qualified to understand the needs of how to adapt equipment for special-needs guests. Tranquil Adventures is dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities discover boating and all the activities associated with it.

Mick told us that he was inspired to start Tranquil Adventures because of his friends growing up. After being diagnosed with polio at two, he was put in special education classes in school. This led to him meeting many friends who needed wheelchairs and crutches. When he was older and got his captain’s license, many of them told him they had always wished to experience going on a boat. He says that he knows he will eventually end up in a wheelchair and would want to be able to do the same. And with that, he created Tranquil Adventures.

The small boat and cruise charter offers both docks and vessels that are completely wheelchair accessible. Both vessels are equipped with all Coast Guard approved safety equipment and lifts to assist individuals in and out of the water. If you’re interested in booking an excursion with Mick the vessels can comfortably fit 10 people, with a maximum of four if all are individuals in wheelchairs. As far as Tranquil Adventures knows, there are no disabilities they are unable to accommodate.

Interested in a trip but wondering what exactly you can do? Tranquil Adventures offers a variety of activities tailored to the needs of each client. You could enjoy a calm day sightseeing on the bay in the Everglades National Park. For the more adventurous guests they offer snorkeling and fishing in John Pennekamp State Park on the Atlantic Ocean. Party guests will sometimes opt for a beach party, island hopping, restaurant exploring, or the Tiki Bar in Blackwater Sound. They also of course let you create your very own Tranquil Adventures. Mick informed us that fishing and snorkeling combos are the most popular.

Tranquil Adventures is open year round, in most cases booking a few-days in advance will be fine. But be aware; some weekends do book months ahead of time. The pricing structure for excursions is as follows:

  • $350 for a half day (4 hours)
  • $500 for a full day (8 hours)
  • Special rates available for veterans and persons with disabilities
  • Sponsorships also available, call for details

Tranquil Adventures works to directly benefit children, adults and veterans with disabilities to imagine the possibilities in their lives!

Video and Image Credit to Tranquil Adventures

A subsidiary of Active Disabled Americans, Tranquil Adventures is a not-for-profit organization. Support and contributions will enable them to continue to meet their goals and improve services. If you’re interested in donating, click the link below.

More Info on Florida Keys

For those interested in a full trip to the Florida Keys, Florida state statutes require all licensed lodging facilities to have a minimum of 5% of their guest rooms as handicapped accessible, click here for a complete list of Florida Keys accommodations.

Here are more popular attractions for persons with disabilities visiting the area:

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