Shabbat Enclosure

Manufacturer of the only halachically-approved mobility scooter. Amigo Mobility works in partnership with the Zomet Institute in production of the Amigo Shabbat enclosure.

Part number: 11185.20

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How it works
The Shabbat provides a halachically-approved personal mobility device for people who want to honor the Sabbath. The halachic principles involved are gramma (indirect operation) and “continuous change of current.”
The Shabbat module can be added to Amigo healthcare models. A toggle switch changes operation from normal to Shabbat mode. With no throttle lever activation by the rider, the module’s timing circuit sets the chair into idle motion after a short delay (approx. 10 seconds), satisfying the “no work” Sabbath restriction. Every Amigo Shabbat enclosure is individually inspected and certified by a Zomet Institute representative.