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Scott Chappell

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  • The Dex Pro helps me cover more ground in our large facility without feeling fatigued. It allows me to easily and safely move materials in and out of areas that other industrial carts can’t go.

    John Kocisky FedEx Ground
  • We use the Max Pro every day, all day. It is a safe and secure way to move items while helping us be more efficient.

    Randy Wellman Shop Floor Expeditor
  • The Dex Pro helps reduce how much walking our operators have to do and (it) saves time. We’re not waiting for product anymore – it’s moving from cell to cell.

    Tom Parasiliti Production Manager
  • With Dex, there is less stress on the employees, especially when they have to carry several tools to a job. Dex is safer because of its speed limit and all the blind corners we have in the shop.

    Mike Hudson Technical Support Supervisor