Motorized Shopping Carts
Motorized Shopping Carts

Not only is Amigo Mobility a leading manufacturer for Grocery & Retail motorized shopping carts — we also offer exceptional equipment maintenance programs. Our service team specializes in preventative maintenance for motorized shopping carts, material handling carts and other motorized equipment. We offer a wide range of streamlined service programs for grocery stores, retailers and commercial businesses.


Amigo’s Service Options

Self Service

Amigo technicians provide resources and support to help facility maintenance teams complete repairs on site, with the option to order new or re-certified parts online directly from Amigo.

Amigo Service

Amigo technicians work directly with facility managers to diagnose issues, then dispatch a service provider to complete repairs within five days. All provider invoices are processed by Amigo.

Customized Service

Our team can work with you to provide a custom service program to best fit the needs of your facility and staff.

We Service All Brands

We service more than just Amigo carts, including all brands of motorized shopping carts and wheelchairs, cart pushers, pallet jacks, material handling units and more.

Nationwide Service Network

Amigo has a nationwide network of factory-trained, authorized service providers to complete repairs in your facility. Amigo service partners are trained for warranty and non-warranty repair for all brands of motorized shopping carts, cart retrievers, material handling equipment and more.