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Unique Challenges, Ideal Solutions, Custom Builds

From maintenance and towing trailers to builds that overcome your challenge, Amigo Mobility’s custom material handling line is moving people and products safely and efficiently every day.

We’re utilizing over half a century’s worth of experience in designing and manufacturing to provide unique solutions to customers.

Customization’s from our customers

  • Lithium battery
  • Quick-swap connections to keep employees moving
  • Custom color
  • Extra tall strobe light
  • Front cup holder
  • Multiple trailers
  • Multiple shelves on trailers
  • Windshield

Custom solutions

Why get a customized cart?

Optimized for your application
Similar cost as compared to a non-customized cart
Improved employee productivity
Built with your facility in mind

Engineered for you

Amigo Mobility’s engineering department is ready and equipped to work with you and your team to design the perfect material handling solution to fit your needs.

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