Tips to have a longer battery life span

Tips to have a longer battery life span To keep you and your Amigo on the go, batteries in good working condition is critical. At Amigo, we continue to test batteries in our on-site test lab, [...]

Rent an Amigo and Go

We go where you go. If you’re interested in renting an Amigo, we can offer several different options. The Amigo Mobility Centers in Las Vegas and Michigan provide rentals. Visit their website to [...]

Seated Exercises

During the winter months, staying active is not always as easy as when the weather is warm. Here are two exercises that can be done while sitting to help you move more. 1. Tummy twist Sit up [...]

Why Proper Seating Is Important

Friendly Wheels, Issue 124 September 2018 Some Amigo owners use their Amigo occasionally ­– when going to a store, visiting family, attending holiday activities and sporting events or [...]

Accessible Travel Tips

Accessible Travel Tips for Traveling with a Power Operated Vehicle / Mobility Scooter The following tips will help ensure a safe and enjoyable traveling experience. Travel Agent Using a qualified [...]

Travel Equipment

Amigo Owner Helpful Tips June 2018 Spring and summer are peak seasons to travel. If you have plans to travel soon, here are two items Amigo owners told us about that helped during their trips. [...]

Battery Health

Amigo Owner Helpful Tips May 2018 Keeping Amigo batteries in good working condition is critical to keeping you and your Amigo on the move. Here is information to keep top of mind.

Why Proper Posture Is Beneficial

Amigo Owner Helpful Tips April 2018 Al Thieme, founder of Amigo Mobility International, has always cared about health and well-being. He’s passionate about finding the right solutions for people [...]