our mission

improving lives through mobility®

We are committed to developing and manufacturing reliable mobility solutions to the healthcare, grocery & retail, and material handling markets.

As a globally-focused manufacturer, we continually invest in innovation and new product development while delivering safe, cost effective, and high quality products.

Rooted in community, we aim to achieve reciprocal success with everyone we are connected to.

We also strive for close cooperation with our customers and business partners—relationships based on loyalty and fair play. Rather than being content with short-lived success, we aim to build longterm relationships.

Our policy is to be satisfied with our work only when the customer is satisfied. This has led to steady growth ever since 1968, when the first Amigo product was created.

our core values

We’re dedicated to providing innovative solutions.

Find a Better Way

The reason Amigo is here is because Al Thieme vowed to find a better way. He continues to push and inspire us by saying “there must be a better way.”

Do The Right Thing

Be kind, be humble, be honest. We want to make profits to continue in business, but not at the cost of integrity and honesty. Whether working with customers, co-workers, suppliers or the community – always do the right thing.

Care for Customers & Co-workers Like Family

Amigo would not be here if it weren’t for our customers and co-workers. We go above and beyond for our customers providing the best service and care for our co-workers as they make up our Amigo family.

Look to the Next 50

It is quite significant we’ve been in business for 50 years, and we are going to be here for the next 50, and the next 50, and the next. To accomplish this, we all need to work together to look at the big picture when making decisions and planning for the future.