Amigo Recycling Center

Parts for Carts is now Amigo Recycling Center

Amigo Mobility merges Parts for Carts to form Amigo Recycling Center.

In 2009, Amigo Mobility started Parts for Carts as a way to keep motorized shopping carts out of the landfill and strive for a greener earth. After nine years, they have recycled more than 40,000 carts and retrievers used in grocery stores. In 2021, Parts for Carts was merged as part of Amigo Mobility’s company and the name was re-branded to Amigo Recycling Center.

Motorized carts can be disposed for a variety of reasons. Accidental damage, upgrading to a new fleet and wear and tear over time are common circumstances that are cause for retirement. Although important aspects of the cart may be damaged beyond repair, typically other parts can be salvaged for replacement use.

Currently thousands of carts and retrievers are purchased and disassembled by Amigo each year. Once disassembled, parts are tested, cleaned, re-certified and then sold to service providers at a lower cost. This not only keeps carts out of landfills but allows Amigo to test and improve aspects of their products.

Curious on how many football fields Amigo could cover with the number of carts and retrievers they have saved from the landfill? Visit to find out.

Visit to learn more about their initiative.

About Amigo Mobility: Amigo Mobility manufactures a complete line of innovative mobility products including power-operated vehicles/scooters, motorized shopping carts, compact material handling carts and electric aircraft tugs. A family owned business based in Michigan, Amigo Mobility has been Improving Lives Through Mobility® since 1968. Learn more at

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