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Posted on Friday January 3, 2020

It’s that time of year again, when a fresh layer of snow has just fallen and frost takes over the trees. It’s winter, the most magical time of the year. A time to spend with your loved ones, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying all that the season offers.

All magic aside, the cold temperatures and unpredictable weather can leave individuals sick, stranded, or stuck. Preparing for the worst will allow you to have a safe and enjoyable winter, focusing on what really matters.

Preparing for Winter – Winter Handicapped Accessibility Tips

Bundle Up

Winter Handicapped Accessibility Tips - Bundle Up

Certain disabilities can make people more prone to be affected by the cold weather, as some experience thermoregulation issues. Adding extra layers will help keep you warm and offset this risk, especially on the hands, feet, and head. Ten percent of our body heat is lost through our heads; adding a hat is the easiest way to prevent this.

Keeping a storage tote filled with extra hats, gloves, socks, and blankets will keep you prepared, and you never know when you may need it.

Plan Ahead

Preparing for the worst will ensure that you won’t be caught in a bad situation. Here are some of our top tips for being prepared:

  1. Plan travel ahead, thinking about the increased travel time and difficulty.
  2. Get prescriptions filled before they run out.
  3. Invest in a generator for your home.
  4. Stock up on nonperishable goods.
  5. Keep your cell phone fully charged.
  6. Have a fully charged backup battery for your Amigo – read our battery tips here.


Daily exercises can help improve circulation and keep your body warm. They can be as simple as using light weights or doing seated twists. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Seated Exercises
  2. Amigo-Friendly Exercises
  3. Yoga for Disabilities

Stay Hydrated

The indoor heating systems that keep us warm during the cold months can also make us dehydrated. When dehydration hits, the cold sets in more easily. Staying hydrated is important to staying healthy during the cold winter months. To avoid your water freezing, we recommend carrying an insulated water bottle at all times.

Stay Visible

We’re all too familiar with the shorter, darker days of winter. Vehicles may have a hard time seeing wheelchair users at times. Adding headlights and taillights made for bicycles to your frame will increase your visibility. Amigo offers an Alert Light as a beneficial safety accessory that comes with a kit to attach to your Amigo. Doing something as simple as using brightly colored accessories will also help you be seen.

Please consult your doctor for specific advice in regard to your personal health. Our tips should never be substituted for professional medical advice.

These tips for the winter months should be used a starting checklist that can be customized to your personal situation. Preparing ahead will reduce the chances of finding yourself in a bad situation and will keep you safe this season!

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