Amigo Owner Proper Posture Helpful Tips

Al Thieme, founder of Amigo Mobility International, has always cared about health and well-being, proper posture included.

He’s passionate about finding the right solutions for people to be healthy and independent. Ask any employee at Amigo, and that person will tell you, Al does more than research a product – he tests, uses and perfects.

Amigos do not come standard with armrests because Al wants that to be an option. Leaning on armrests is not proper posture or beneficial for a person’s shoulders and spine. Going further, he will personally tell you that regularly replacing seating cushions on your Amigo is crucial for comfort and to help reduce the risk of skin breakdown.

Following up on Al’s advice, here are a few reasons why using proper posture is good for your health:

  • It helps maintain muscle health. If your core muscles can support you sitting up, using those muscles helps keep you stronger, longer.
  • Sitting up helps to alleviate a multitude of health woes, especially lower back pain (along with proper seating cushions, angles, etc.)
  • Altering your posture can boost circulation and digestion. Good posture helps to keep your internal organs, particularly those within your abdomen, in their natural position without undue compression.
  • It can enhance your breathing. Regularly slouching causes frontal muscles and tendons to become shortened, which decreases your body’s ability to take deep breaths.
  • Upright posture increases energy levels.

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