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Posted on Wednesday November 11, 2020

It was an all too common scene at Mara Industrial Supply. Whenever something would break, the maintenance department arrived to diagnose the problem and then walked back across the 50,000-square-foot facility to retrieve what was needed from the tool crib. By the time maintenance returned and made the repair, a lot of time had been lost. A new maintenance cart solution was needed.

The walking back and forth “was driving my boss nuts,” said Mark Lawrence, a supervisor at the plant in Port Sanilac, in Michigan’s Thumb region. The solution was to purchase Dex Pro material handling carts from a fellow Michigan company, Amigo Mobility International.

Now, there’s a handful of Dex Pro units roving all over the Mara Industrial Supply warehouse, saving time by transporting people, parts and awkward or heavy loads. One of the carts has even been modified with a big tool chest on an affixed trailer.

“Now our maintenance guy has got all his tools in there and every kind of part he would need when he’s out driving around the shop,” Lawrence said. “Everywhere he goes, he has anything he needs. He definitely gets a lot more done.”

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Amigo Mobility’s line of Michigan-made industrial carts enables businesses to have the same power of a large forklift at a smaller size and lower price point. Not only are the mid-size Amigo carts such as the Dex Pro tough enough to move materials effortlessly, they’re also nimble enough to maneuver through tight spaces. That versatility makes them perfect for a variety of tasks.

For example, the Dex is a personnel carrier that moves workers around a facility quickly to increase productivity while reducing the risk of injury and fatigue. The Dex HD features a universal hitch and towing capacity of 3,000 pounds – with a footprint of just 55 inches by 25 inches – so it’s capable of handling whatever a company may need to move, even through narrow aisles.

The Dex Pro+ is equipped with a detachable trailer that allows the operator to drop off or pick up payloads, making it an extremely efficient solution when combined with multiple trailers in the same facility. And the Dex Pro can be outfitted with a toolbox and used as a maintenance cart that shortens response and repair times throughout the warehouse.

“It’s more efficient than walking with a maintenance cart that can weigh hundreds of pounds,” said Jennifer Thieme Kehres, Director of Business Development at Amigo Mobility. “Using one of the Amigo Dex carts and adapting it to work as a moveable maintenance cart is taking stress off workers’ bodies because they’re not pushing or pulling that, and it enables better time management.

“Repairs get done faster when utilizing an Amigo cart to transport your tools to repairs rather than walking.”

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Headquartered in Bridgeport, Mich., Amigo Mobility has become one of Michigan’s most loved brands over more than a half-century of solving mobility challenges – from inventing the first motorized cart for people in need of mobility assistance to making better retail shopping carts and developing innovative, multipurpose material handling carts for industrial settings. The company’s 100-plus employees also create mobility products for the healthcare, hospital and government sectors.

For customers such as Mara Industrial Supply that do a lot of intra-facility materials transport, the Amigo carts are ideal. Not only are they smaller, more agile and more economical than larger forklifts, but they’re safer and more efficient, too.

Plus, the Amigo carts are low maintenance with a long-lasting 24-volt battery system that charges in a 110-volt outlet.

“Everyone’s got one here. They’re parked all over the place,” Lawrence said. “We have baskets on the back and two or three of them have carts that we use to go grab something awkward or heavy, or just to pull parts.

“My boss bought them to save time getting around the shop rather than walking back and forth.”

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