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Posted on Wednesday October 7, 2020

There’s a lot of buzz about going forklift-free. While they will always have a place, it’s figuring out what smaller, safer, more ergonomic and agile equipment can fit. That’s where Amigo Mobility can help.

Why do some plants go forklift-free?

The two main benefits Amigo has identified are:


Every year in the U.S., nearly 100 workers are killed and tens of thousands are seriously injured in forklift-related incidents.

Reduced Costs

Smaller equipment reduces lease and maintenance costs. It also scales down the extra space needed for replenishment lanes.

Explore our fleet of competitive carts and help your customers go forklift-free.

For customers working towards reducing their fleet size, towing carts like Dex Pro+ work best for intra-facility material transport. Motorized towing and tugger carts provide safer alternatives for workstation areas. They’re smaller and can pass through traffic and aisles with better control. Containing forklifts where possible and using carts to deliver materials increases warehouse efficiency and promotes safety.

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