Vacationing with Amigos and DIY Battery Replacement

Posted on Friday February 2, 2018

Vacationing with Amigos and DIY Battery Replacement

Friendly Wheels, Issue 117

February 2018

Take a trip with a TravelMate! Sister-in-laws, Gale and Linda, did just that. They each rented an Amigo TravelMate for their trip to Sea World Orlando.

Vacationing Can Be Even More Fun

For sisters-in-law, Linda and Gale, being on the go is a part of life! Linda and Gale are both from Michigan and visit Florida frequently for family vacations.

Last spring, they began planning a trip to Orlando to visit SeaWorld and Discovery Cove. Linda, her son and his family have vacationed at Sea World many times and know how big the park is. This spurred a thought… With walking limitations becoming more of an issue, Linda and Gale decided to look into renting motorized mobility aids.

“We called around to a few medical equipment suppliers and someone suggested calling Amigo,” Linda says. “I’m glad someone suggested that. The rental rates were far better than SeaWorld’s, and we were able to rent Amigo TravelMates, which were so easy to load into the back of my pickup truck.”

With the TravelMates loaded up, they drove down to Florida for a week’s worth of adventures. This was Gale’s first trip to SeaWorld. Both she and Linda were excited to see the shows the parks had to offer, and they were pleasantly surprised by how handicap accessible SeaWorld’s park was. Every stadium offered handicap accessible ramps, entrances and seating—excellent, too, were the available outlets to charge the TravelMates.

“At the top of each ramp we took to the different stadiums were outlets where we could plug in and charge our Amigos,” Linda said. “It made it very convenient to stay on the go the whole day.”

From the Pets Ahoy show with dogs and cats, ducks and doves, potbellied pigs and a few surprise animal guest stars to the One Ocean killer whale show and several other shows and animal experiences, Linda and Gale explored all that SeaWorld had to offer.

“We could go from one side of the park to the other in minutes. We made it to every show we wanted to see and kept up with the kids. The Amigos made all the difference and helped us have unbelievable experiences,” Linda states.

As TravelMates are available to either rent or own, Linda says, “We loved using the Amigos and are actually planning to rent them again for another trip to Florida this April.”

If you are interested in renting an Amigo, call us at 989-777-2060. We’ll be able to see if there is a dealer near you that rents Amigos. Amigos are readily available to rent at our three Amigo Mobility Center locations in Bridgeport, Michigan; Grand Rapids, Michigan; and, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Amigo Owner Helpful Tips

Learn how to replace the batteries on your Amigo in the service video below.


Amigo Celebrates 50 Years!

We started in healthcare, and that’s where our hearts remain.

As Amigo celebrates 50 years, we’ve been reflecting on the company’s history. With our roots firmly planted in healthcare, the company did stem into grocery and retail beginning in 1970 with our commercial models—motorized shopping carts—which now make up the majority stake of our business.

Throughout the 1970s and ’80s, Amigo primarily sold and serviced ‘Amigos’. Fast-forward to the 1990s when a change in Medicare stunted healthcare at Amigo. Medicare started to pay the full amount for a power wheelchair and only a small portion for an Amigo. Amigo Mobility dealers were unable to compete with “get a power wheelchair free.”

As healthcare entered into (and remains in) a period of transition, the number of stores requesting motorized shopping carts grew. Today, five of the top five US retailers choose Amigo motorized shopping carts for their stores.

A few of the reasons Amigo has majority market share in grocery and retail is the quality of our products and our fast and efficient service network. Providing high quality products and service for all our customers has been, and will continue to be, a priority that supports our mission of Improving Lives Through Mobility®.

Learn more about Amigo’s history through our Throwback Thursday posts on Facebook.

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