Staying on the Go | Friendly Wheels | Issue 107

Posted on Thursday September 3, 2015

Staying on the Go

Friendly Wheels, Issue 107
February 2017

With Brian and Pam Walgraeve of Sterling Heights, Michigan



As avid travelers and car show enthusiasts, Brian and Pam Walgraeve have always spent a lot of their time on the go. However, it was several years ago when Pam, who has multiple sclerosis (M.S.), started having troubles keeping up with their yearly hobbies. “It was very hard for her to do a lot of things due to her M.S.,” Brian said. “She was getting tired very easily and the physical demands were taking their toll.”

With one of their favorite car events coming up one summer, Brian wanted to make sure Pam could enjoy it without any troubles. In July 2015, Brian surprised her with a special visit to Amigo Mobility in Bridgeport, Mich. Shortly after their visit, Pam received her first ever Amigo TravelMate.

Pam used her TravelMate for the first time at the Woodward Dream Cruise, an outdoor classic car event held every August in Metro Detroit. It allowed her to tour the streets with ease without tiring down like before.”She started using her Amigo at Woodward and she’s absolutely loved it ever since!” Brian said.

In 2016, Pam took her TravelMate on a week-long cruise vacation to Mexico. During the trip, Brian and Pam really appreciated the model’s compact design and travel-friendly features. “Since the TravelMate is light and folds up, it was really easy to take on the plane and store in our stateroom on the cruise,” Brian said. “Even the flight attendants were impressed by how light and portable it was!”

After a successful trip to Mexico, Pam took her Amigo to several car shows over the summer. Brian and Pam made another visit to the Woodward Dream Cruise, and also stopped by the Frankenmuth Auto Fest. “If it weren’t for the TravelMate, Pam probably wouldn’t have been able to go to these events anymore,” Brian said. “It’s made it possible for her to enjoy many things she thought she wouldn’t be able to anymore.”

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Making Life Easier Making


with Shelley Peterman Schwarz

To make your doorways more accessible for someone with a wheelchair or an Amigo, try removing the door jambs on either side of the door frame. By doing this you’ll gain another half inch or so of space through the doorway. 

For more home accessibility tips from Shelley, click here.

Health Tipvitamin_c_amigo.png

Avoid the winter bug this season by adding more natural vitamin C to your diet. Natural vitamin C is central to repairing tissue, protecting cells throughout the body and strengthening your overall immune system. Some of the best foods for natural vitamin C include broccoli, cantaloupe and kiwi.

For more information on natural vitamin C, click here!

You Ask, We Answer

I forgot to charge my Amigo; battery is dead, so how can I move it?

You can manually move your Amigo by engaging freewheeling mode. Just follow the steps below:

1. Locate the freewheeling lever. Depending on your model, the lever is in one of the following locations:

      a. For TravelMates, depending on the age of your model, the lever is located on either the right side of the wheel or under the left side of the front wheel cover.

      b. For Classic FDs, the lever is located under the left side of the front wheel cover.

      c. For all other models, the lever is located on the right side of the back cover.

Tip: Some models have labels indicating whether the lever is in “normal” or “freewheeling” mode.


2. Engage freewheeling lever. Move the lever forward towards the front of your Amigo.

3. Push Amigo in freewheeling mode. If you exceed approximately 1.5 mph while pushing your Amigo, an internal brake will engage. The brake will force your Amigo to slow to below approximately 1.5 mph.

To disengage freewheeling, pull the lever back to its original position.

DO NOT disconnect battery when in freewheeling mode.

For more information on this topic, refer to your owner’s manual which can also be found on the website under “Service” tab.


What’s New

In January, Team Amigo hit the softball field for the 3rd Annual Fireworks Ball of Fire Winter Softball Tournament!  In an effort to raise money for the Saginaw Fireworks fund, teams throughout the area competed in a co-ed softball tournament at the Saginaw Hoyt Park. The team consisted of Deepak, Debbie, Randy, Jeremiah, Zak, Jordon, Presley, Adam, Teri, and Bre. Great job team!



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