The Travel Adventurers | Friendly Wheels | Issue 102

Posted on Thursday September 3, 2015

The Travel Adventurers

Friendly Wheels, Issue 102
August 2016

With Amigo owner Jan F. of Atlanta, Ga.

For Jan and her husband, traveling the world is a part of life!


With over 30 years of travel experience, Jan and her husband have explored the tropical waters of South America, the beautiful architecture of Europe, the sacred lands of Asia and nearly every state in the US. Of these travel adventures, Jan recalls her trips to China and Russia as the most memorable. 



In 1989, Jan and her husband visited China as part of a 17 day tour with their church group. The tour included visits to Shanghai, Beijing, Guilin, Guangzhou, Canton and Hong Kong. “Walking on the Great Wall of China and seeing the Terra Cotta Warriors in person is something we will never forget,” Jan said. In 1993, they visited Russia and explored the great cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow. Their trip included stops at the Hermitage Museum and Vladimir Romanov Palace in St. Petersburg, as well as the Kremlin in Moscow. 


Today, Jan and her husband continue their travel adventures across the world. Though her mobility has become more limited, Jan has found ways to adapt and continue her love of travel. This year she received her first Amigo TravelMate and used it on their latest cruise to the Caribbean Islands. 

“It has been fabulous!” Jan said about her new TravelMate. “It really gives me the freedom to enjoy the ports without having to worry about my stamina giving out.” She also appreciates its compact design and travel friendly features. “It doesn’t take up a lot of extra room and the removable battery makes it easy to charge overnight.”


After a successful trip to the Caribbean Islands, Jan traveled to Florida to watch her grandson play in the Little League World Series Baseball Tournament. She knew her TravelMate would come in handy, as there were long walks to the ball parks and to the condo where she stayed. “I honestly would not have been able to enjoy myself nearly as much without the help from my TravelMate,” Jan said. “The kids also enjoyed getting a lift whenever they could!”

Jan and her husband will be going on their next travel adventure this fall as they cruise to Key West, Florida and Nassau, Bahamas. “Our favorite vacations now are cruises as we can unpack once, visit many ports in 7-10 days, enjoy great food and entertainment and be totally pampered by the crew.” 

We hope you enjoy your next trip, and we look forward to hearing more of your travel stories in the future! To check out some of Jan’s favorite travel tips, click here


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