Price: $35.00

Part number:11432

The battery-operated Alert Light provides high visibility in daylight and darkness on POV/scooters, power chairs and even bicycles!









  • Orange safety flag combined with LED light which can be set as a solid glow or flashing strobe
  • Battery-operated (requires two C batteries, not included)
  • On/off switch
  • Textured grip handle for easy folding
  • Weatherproof

How to Assemble an Alert Light:

How to Attach an Alert Light to an Amigo:

How to Attach an Alert Light to a Bicycle:


Customer Testimonial:
"What an outstanding job Amigo Mobility products is doing! You're making my life 100% easier. I'm still trying to close my mouth due the positive impression I had with this item. I didn't even look for instructions, I just opened it and added the two batteries (which I was not expecting the item to include) and voila! It brightened my day, thank you!" customer
May 25, 2013

Have questions?Contact the Amigo customer service team at 989.248.9131.

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