Still a Classic 45 Years Later | Friendly Wheels | Issue 73

Posted on Tuesday March 11, 2014

Still a Classic 45 Years Later

Friendly Wheels, Issue 73
March 2014

With the Amigo Classic FD

After the first Amigo Classic FD was built in 1968, not many thought it would enjoy the success it has.

Originally built for a family member with multiple sclerosis, an updated version of the Classic FD (Front Drive) is still being built today.

For many, the Classic FD is the only Amigo POV they will ever use, but that option was (almost) taken away. Lower than normal sales in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s led to the Classic FD being briefly discontinued, only to have customers demand it be returned.

Customers fell in love with the dependability of their yellow Classic FD, and despite newer models being offered, they continued to stay true to their roots.

“I love how flexible it is. I can take it fully apart, including the handle, without a problem,” said longtime Amigo owner Jean Csaposs.

An Amigo owner since 1978, Jean explains what her Classic FD means to her. “I use my Amigo from the time I get up until I go to bed, every single day,” Jean said. “I have traveled all over the US and Canada with it, and I was even able to borrow one in Tokyo! My quality of life, without my Amigo, would not be possible.”

The Classic FD has experienced various changes throughout the years to provide customers with the best front drive POV (power-operated vehicle) possible. With more than 44,000 having been produced, the Classic FD is the most popular model in Amigo Mobility history.

The most notable of those changes is the midnight black color, which replaced the classic yellow. Despite the current model being built in black, Jean is among many who choose to still use the classic yellow model.

Amigo owners love the ability to customize their Amigo to meet their needs, and the FD is no exception. With a customizable seat, handle and accessories, the FD’s originality can be combined with the modern features that make each Amigo one-of-a-kind.

Carrie Rostollan, a magician from Michigan, started using a Classic FD when she entered high school in 1982.

“My favorite memory with my Classic FD occurred just this past year when I performed magic at the Easter Seals ‘Walk With Me’ event at the Detroit Zoo,” Carrie said. “I was able to bring my table and tricks all over the park and do what I needed to do thanks to my Amigo!”

Throughout the years, Amigo owners have chosen the Classic FD because of its ability to meet their individual needs.

As Amigo Founder Al Thieme says, “It is very rewarding to see the original, functional design of the Classic FD still being used and helping people today. Thank you to all our loyal Amigo owners for sticking with us throughout the years”



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