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Posted on Friday May 6, 2011

Walk This Way: Ron Bachman

Friendly Wheels, Issue 5
June 2008

A proud and loyal Amigo owner since 1980, Ron Bachman was born with a congenital birth defect characterized by the non-development of the lumbar region, spine and sacrum. His legs were stub-like with no function and at the age of four they were amputated. Without his limbs, he perfected “walking” on his hands. Oftentimes responding to inquiring minds, “You walk that way, I walk this way.”

Ron’s parents raised their three children in a “no nonsense” household. Chores were assigned and their middle child was expected to carry his share of the load. Ron recalls his parents telling him, “We will not be here forever — you’ll need to find a way to take care of yourself.”


altRon’s good humor and outgoing personality filled his teenage years with laughter and good friends. The Bachman home was the favorite hangout for kids of all ages and the phone never stopped ringing for Ron. He developed his “can do” attitude living in the echo of his parents’ words, “What happens to you is not important; how you handle it is.”

Gushingly proud of his grown daughter, “Alicia — my legacy,” Ron was her custodial single parent and raised her from the age of four. Alicia is now graduated from Michigan State University, recently married and living in Manhattan, N.Y. with her husband and working as a successful pharmaceutical sales representative. Throughout her childhood, father and daughter created a unique and loving bond filled with the challenges only the two of them could ever experience. Again, the Bachman home (this time under Ron’s roof) was filled with Alicia’s childhood friends enjoying her dad and his antics; oblivious to his physical difference.

At the age of 50 and happily recalling his huge surprise birthday bash, Ron has reached this milestone reflecting on the occasion. “This birthday is so significant since all my parents were ever told is that I wouldn’t make the night or the week. Then, it was day-by-day and I’d never start school. God has believed in me.”

His loyalty to Amigo remains unwavering. Having turned down “other” scooter manufacturers willing to give him a power operated vehicle, Ron remains firm that Amigo is the product for him. His rear drive Amigo is customized with most of the un-needed front platform cut off. “I can’t begin my day without getting on my Amigo.”


Ron Bachman has been an Amigo owner for 28 years and lives in Michigan. He is available for speaking engagements by calling him directly at (248) 877-0332. To purchase a “Walk This Way” video, contact Kathy Vander (248) 542-8935. For more information about Ron, visit

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