Rolling Around the World | Friendly Wheels | Issue 81

Posted on Friday November 7, 2014

Rolling Around the World

Friendly Wheels, Issue 81
November 2014

With Amigo owner Sunny Roller


The one thing Amigo owner Sunny Roller cannot travel without is good friends.


Since receiving her first Amigo in 1986, Sunny, who has post-polio syndrome, has been touring the world with her friends. 


During a trip to Hawaii, Sunny’s accessible room at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel was compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and had a panoramic ocean view. The prime location also featured a 2-3 mile paved pathway along the beach, perfect for those in power-operated vehicles (POVs)/scooters or wheelchairs.


“My favorite new experience in Hawaii was seeing the whales. We put out to sea on a boat with snorkelers and were suddenly surrounded by playful whales,” Sunny recalled. “Later, sitting on the shore watching whales spontaneously breach in the orange glow of Hawaii’s setting sun was an absolutely breathtaking happenstance. It was something I’ll never forget.”


Sunny has a blog dedicated to moving onward and upward, including stories about her travels and tips for living a happy, healthy life. Here are some of Sunny’s favorite accessible travel tips to make traveling easier:


Ask ahead about accessible transportation at your destination to decide what kind of POV/scooter to bring

Use a travel POV/scooter on long trips requiring air travel — they can be driven to the door of the plane, stored underneath, fold easily and can be conveniently stored in trunks of cars

Use your resources — the complimentary shower caps in hotels can be used to cover the control panel on your Amigo to keep it dry

Remove all accessories, such as basket and crutch holders, from your Amigo when flying to prevent damage

Always bring spare keys


While in Hawaii, Sunny reached out to fellow members of the worldwide organization, Post-Polio Health International (PHI). PHI connects polio survivors from around the world and gives them access to a directory of other survivors, various support groups and medical professionals.


On Oahu, Sunny was delighted to visit with local post-polio support group leaders who shared insider secrets about Honolulu and then provided a day-long tour of the island. “We have each other’s back all over the world,” Sunny said.


Keep up with all of Sunny’s travel and tips on her blog at



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