Ringing in the New Year | Friendly Wheels | Issue 71

Posted on Monday January 13, 2014

Ringing in the New Year

Friendly Wheels, Issue 71
January 2014

With Amigo Owners


With 2013 behind us, many people are looking ahead to the possibilities 2014 may hold. Though eating healthy, traveling more or giving back are popular resolutions, each is unique to the individual.


No matter the resolution, the goal generally remains the same — to find a way to live better than the year before.


This year, we asked Amigo owners and a few special guests to share their New Year’s resolutions. We hope you find their resolutions inspiring and are motivated to make your own resolution a reality this year!


“My wife and I resolve to eat more healthy foods and lose some weight.”


Bob Hilton, Amigo owner since 1991




“This New Year, I will do something kind of positive to another person. It may be a handshake or a simple compliment, a hug or a cup of coffee at work. I will try to do this with friends, people I hardly know and people who I do not like (and who might not like me).”


Sister Karen Zielinski, Amigo owner and author of Hope and Help for Living with Illness



“My resolution is to follow Dr. Kehres’ 80/20 rule! 80% good in my diet and 20% of whatever you fancy.”


– Andy Uttridge, Co-Founder of The Rooprai Spinal Trust



“My goal is to get back to learning another language.”


Marrianne Rooprai, Co-Founder of The Rooprai Spinal Trust




“To be the very best motivational speaker and continue to help as many kids as possible.”


Ronnie Bachman, motivational speaker and Amigo owner since 1980



“I resolve that I will look in the mirror each morning and say, ‘I love you Shelley. I am a good and kind person. I deserve to be happy. I will have a wonderful day.'”


Shelley Peterman Schwarz, author of Home Accessibility and Amigo owner since 1983



“In 2014, I aim to preserve the culture of Amigo, work with the Leadership Team and next generation of family to grow our business and better serve our customers and to protect our environment by reusing, reconditioning and recycling.”


Al Thieme, Chairman & Founder of Amigo Mobility


What is YOUR New Year’s resolution? Send it to zmyers@myamigo.com so we can cheer you on throughout the year!



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