Posted on Wednesday October 14, 2020

Rightsizing equipment for specific jobs can offer your business cost savings and efficiency.

When you step into a manufacturing facility, you can feel the energy. There is non-stop movement with machines running, people moving, stock chasers working and more.

Products like forklifts are a crucial part of almost all manufacturing facilities and warehouses. However, there continues to be more pressure to find solutions with smaller, more agile equipment. These solutions allow employees to safely navigate throughout a facility. Simply put – rightsizing equipment for the job.

We’ve taken our knowledge and innovation and developed this new line to help people be more efficient during their job and move products and materials throughout their facilities. Most comparable carts are bigger and heavier, Amigo Mobility’s offer a unique rightsizing opportunity. They’re more beneficial than a manual cart, but not as big, bulky, or expensive as others on the market.

Rightsizing Equipment with Amigo Mobility's Dex Pro

Amigo Mobility’s mid-size material handling carts can help:

  • Reduce body stress
  • Increase efficiency and safety
  • Decrease repair time and costs

Production Manager Tom at Orchid Orthopedic Solutions says employees could do one trip every 45 minutes to move parts. By adding the Dex pro, he can make a trip every 10 minutes drastically increasing efficiency.

“It’s something we didn’t even know we needed and we’re so happy with it.”

Save time and money by rightsizing your equipment to meet your needs.

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