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Amigo has earned the trust of many retailers around the world, including the top five U.S. grocery stores by providing the highest quality motorized shopping carts and superior service. Discover why Amigo is the perfect fit for your store.

  • Motorized shopping carts
  • Mobility solutions for grocery stores
  • Minimal lead times
  • Designed for ease of service
  • Proudly made is the U.S.A.

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Shopping carts

Motorized shopping carts

Amigo Valueshopper motorized shopping cart for grocery and retail stores
"Wow" isn’t an expression you would expect when talking about motorized shopping carts, however we have heard it. When you lift the ValueShopper seat to see the inner workings of one of the world’s most popular models, you just get it. The front drive motor has modular components that keep things simple and sensible – only replace the parts you need, not the whole motor.

ValueShopper XL
Motorized shopping carts

Amigo Valueshopper XL motorized shopping cart
The ValueShopper XL has all the great features of the ValueShopper, but provides increased basket capacity up, to 250 lbs. (113 kg) to accommodate large stores and those that sell merchandise in bulk.

Motorized shopping carts

Amigo SmartShopper motorized shopping cart
This one-size-fits-all cart provides a first-class experience for customers. This Amigo is known for its feature of more power, making it easier to go up ramps and inclines.

Shopping chairs

Manual shopping chairs

Amigo SmartChair, a better shopping expierence for people with disabilities
This chair offers children and adults easy access in and out of the seat to make the customer’s experience more enjoyable. This product can also be used for multiple needs, which saves retailers valuable front store space.

SmartChair XT
Manual shopping chairs

Amigo mobility SmartChair XT shopping chair wheelchair replacement
SmartChair XT by Amigo is one chair that meets many needs. From children to adults, this chair was designed to be forward-facing to help make shopping experiences more comfortable.

Manual shopping chairs

Amigo’s wheelchairs with flip-up basket are an industry standard for stores around the world.


Customer Reviews

“We love the new Amigos. They are easier to handle and more user friendly than the old model we had. I love the fast charging as well. The best feature is the SmartTrack, making it stop within my parking lot, which is easier for my employees to track.”

– Cindy, Store Manager, Schnucks

“Your Amigos have changed my life!! I can be part of life by being able to shop!! I feel every single facility should offer carts for disabled people!”

– Renee Chenot-Lanfear

“We have had our Amigos three years and we have not had any issues or problems. Our customers think they are great.”

– Casey, Fresh to Frozen

“Amigo motorized carts have been great for our stores. Our customers and store personnel appreciate the longer battery life, and our maintenance team likes how easy they are to maintain. It is a pleasure working with Amigo’s sales team. Their customer service is outstanding.”

– Grocery Store Manager, Minnesota

Case studies

Woodmans market



Stores were providing two manual shopping chair products to meet different needs but had limited front end space.

Bashas’ Supermarket



Bashas’ Supermarkets were experiencing cart theft on a monthly basis. On average they were replacing four carts per month – one per week!

Shipton’s Big R



Employees were struggling to safely and efficiently move 50 lb bags of animal feed from the storage facility to the store across the street.

Additional Innovations



SmartTrack is an innovative theft deterrent solution. If the cart travels outside the programmed boundary it stops working and will continuously beep.

The SmartTrack solution has no buried lines, wires, transmitters or monthly fees. Retrofitting is available.


SmartSensor is a collision avoidance system for Amigo motorized carts. It reduces the risk of carts bumping into people, objects or store displays.

Available on ValueShopper, ValueShopper XL, VistaShopper and SmartShopper models.

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    Motorized carts and cart retrievers don’t break down when they’re sent to landfills. A large amount of space is taken up by each motorized cart and cart retriever thrown out. 99% of motorized cart components can be recycled, re-certified or scrapped instead of sitting in a landfill.

    See how Amigo leads the green initiative in recycling motorized carts. Click to view.

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