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Posted on Wednesday January 26, 2011

Winter Access to Outdoor Fun

Friendly Wheels, Issue 13
February 2009

Winter brings a natural element of beauty to our surroundings and a desire to get outside and experience some fun. Our Amigo owners are active and adventurous, so winter travel and accessible outdoor activities may be just the cold weather ticket you’re looking for. 

An article written by Craig Kennedy, President of, was recently featured on covering adaptive ski camps and programs for all levels of skiers with disabilities available in Colorado. Adaptive Adventures is a leader in providing adaptive skiing camps, hosting, co-hosting, or participating in nearly 10 camps and clinics in Colorado alone. For detailed information and registration, please visit

Kennedy is fortunate to live in Colorado, but reminds readers, “For those of you who don’t live in a ski town and don’t get to enjoy skiing very often, or maybe have never tried skiing and would love to see what it’s all about, there is likely an adaptive ski camp nearby.”

There are many other accessible outdoor activities to enjoy during the winter:

outdoor fun

  • Cross Country Skiing – This winter activity can be done standing up or sitting down with adaptive equipment. This is a great activity for individuals or families, and an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Northeast Passage offers instruction and equipment as well as several events with many New England destinations. No previous experience is necessary.
  • Snowmobiling – Operated by hand controls, snowmobiling is a fun way to see the outdoors. If you are unable to operate the snowmobile, or would rather just enjoy the ride, you can have just as much fun as a passenger.
  • Dog Sledding – Enjoy the breathtaking views and rush of excitement as you ride behind a husky dog team. Trips are adapted based on individual needs of the participants. For more information, check out SPLORE in Salt Lake City, Utah.

National Sports Center for the Disabled and also offer a plethora of accessible destinations by location by season. Blogs and forums offer first hand accounts of individuals who have enjoyed accessible outings.

If you prefer to stay closer to home, a fresh snowfall may create the urge to enjoy the view from your porch with a cup of hot chocolate or compete in a friendly snowball fight. At home or away, get out and treat yourself to a crisp winter’s day. . . spring is coming.

Reprinted from, and used with permission of, author Craig Kennedy, President of and publisher, an online resource and community for people with disabilities.

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