The Amigo CartCast, a material handling podcast

The Amigo CartCast

Welcome to the Amigo CartCast, the podcast where we roll through the ins and outs of material handling with Amigo carts. Each episode, we’ll explore the innovative features, success stories, and the endless possibilities that Amigo material handling carts bring to the table.

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Podcast episode 12

What do material handling and bowling have in common? It turns out that thing is Kevin Adam at Lift, Inc.! In this episode, Samantha and Scott talk with Kevin about his career as a material handling equipment dealer. Kevin shares how he’s solved problems for his customers over the years and explains why great relationships are key to being successful in the business.

Podcast episode 11

Every company has maintenance workers who support the business operations, but how can a business support their maintenance workers. Samantha and Scott discuss several ways they’ve seen Amigo material handling carts make the job easier for maintenance employees. Scott shares how a cosmetics company outfitted their Amigo cart to fit their maintenance needs.

podcast episode 10

Samantha, Scott, and Tim once again reflect on lessons they’re learned from working in the material handling space. This time, they discuss what providing customized options for our material handling carts has taught us about customer satisfaction. They explain the business processes that allow Amigo to provide these options, and how they have benefited customers.

Samantha and Scott talk with Tim Estep, Operations Manager at Amigo Mobility, to share some things we’ve learned about employee satisfaction from running our own business. Amigo Mobility has a diverse operation beyond material handling, so for other areas of the business, Tim and his team have begun to rely on Amigo material handling carts.

podcast episode 8

We’re switching it up again! Samantha and Scott explore another case study, this time featuring Cotterman Company. Cotterman found a use for their Amigo material handling carts to improve transportation for their maintenance and delivery staff, which to Scott, further emphasizes the importance of the customer demo.

podcast episode 7

We always end every episode with a story. Well today, the whole episode is the story! Samantha and Scott explore a case study featuring a Thule Group. Thule’s story demonstrates that every use case for an Amigo material handling cart is different, and Amigo carts can be adapted to fit the situation.

podcast episode 6

In this special video edition of the Amigo CartCast, Samantha and Scott talk to Nic Sulfridge, a manager from a package transportation company, on how they use Amigo material handling carts at their facility. Nic’s facility is one of Amigo’s earliest material handling customers, and their feedback early on has helped for shaping the product line into what it is today.

Podcast episode 5

The world of material handling sales can be complicated, so it always helps to have a partner by your side. In this episode, Samantha and Scott have a call with John Oliveira of Pioneer Reps, one of Amigo’s manufacturer representatives. They discuss doing business at 180 mph and share the benefits that partnering with a manufacturer’s rep have brought for everyone involved.

Podcast episode 4

February means Valentine’s Day, so how about we KISS – Keep It Simple in Service. Samantha and Scott sit down with Mike LaBrake, Director of Customer Service at Amigo Mobility, to talk about how ease of service is a core part of Amigo’s process. Scott and Mike then test their knowledge in a rapid-fire Amigo service quiz!

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You’ve heard about our Amigo material handling carts, but how would you like to see them in-person? Samantha and Scott discuss our process for setting up quick and easy product demos: the Amigo Road Show! You set it up, we show up – all 100% free. Scott shares some of his favorite stories from the road and how demos have made a difference for our customers.

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that many facilities never have enough forklifts. They share how our carts often provide the perfect complement to forklifts for midsize material handling needs. With a small footprint and reliable towing capacity, Amigo carts can help free up forklifts from mundane tasks, allowing them to tackle the heavy-duty challenges they were made for.

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In this episode, Samantha and Scott answer the question, “What is Amigo Material Handling?” They’ll introduce Amigo’s unique motorized carts, share some background on Amigo Mobility, and describe a unique application a Michigan retailer found for their Amigo material handling carts. Get to know the people behind the products in this first episode of the Amigo CartCast!

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Welcome to the Amigo CartCast! Join Amigo Mobility’s Samantha Taylor and Scott Chappell as they journey into the world of material handling with Amigo carts. Each episode, they explore innovative features, unique applications, and share stories of how Amigo motorized carts have solved problems for customers across many different industries.

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