Electrical Components

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Price: $3.26

Part number: 8605

24 volt lightbulb for the Amigo RD.



Price: $5.80

Part number: 10541

Replacement bulb for Sunpex headlight assembly.



Price: $10.00

Part number: 8969

Handle MPC control cable.




Price: $100.00

Part number: 10807

24 volt, 2 amp battery charger.




Price: $145.00

Part number: 8216

24 volt, 3 amp battery charger.




Price: $440.00

Part number: 9300RD

Touchtron controller for Amigo RD.




Price: $7.00

Part number: 2410

Three wire AC charge cord.




Price: $20.00

Part number: 10396

AC cord.



Price: $189.00

Part number: 8223.16

Hi/Lo enclosure with display, includes key.




Price: $137.80

Part number: 8223

Hi/Lo enclosure without display, includes key.




Price: $253.50

Part number: 8221.15

Touchtron enclosure with potentiometer and key.




Price: $270.00

Part number: 8221.10

Touchtron enclosure with key and potentiometer.




Price: $70.64

Part number: 8228

Touchtron enclosure for tube-style handles.




Price: $31.26

Part number: 10177

Headlight with wire kit for international with Touchtron.



Price: $33.12

Part number: 10539

Low beam headlight with wire harness.



Price: $15.00

Part number: 100940

Plug terminal with wire plug.



Price: $99.00

Part number: 7361.20

5 pin Touchtron potentiometer assembly with module.




Price: $99.00

Part number: 7361

3 pin Touchtron potentiometer assembly without module




Price: $16.00

Part number: 1096

Switch E14-20M.



Price: $90.00

Part number: 341035

Switch for power seat lift.




Price: $11.00

Part number: 1097

Switch unipac brake E14-21M



Price: $140.00

Part number: 7240.11

Throttle board, no module.




Price: $20.00

Part number: 100580

Female wire and charge plug for Amigo FD.




Price: $21.00

Part number: 7852.10

Battery charger to controller wire with square connectors on both ends.




Price: $14.00

Part number: 7852

Battery charger to MPC wire assembly.


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