On the Road | Friendly Wheels | Issue 51

Posted on Wednesday June 3, 2015

On the Road

Friendly Wheels, Issue 51
May 2012


There are many ways to make travel accessible for those with limited mobility, but for those who travel often, accessible RVing may be the perfect solution. 


RV travel allows you to meet all of your needs in advance without having to rely on the availability of accessible hotels or rental vehicles once you reach your destination. RV travel allows the spontaneity that air travel doesn’t, allowing you to change your course on a whim. 

An RV can be fully customized to meet your needs and abilities. Some common accessible adaptations include:

  • wheelchair and POV lifts/ramps
  • low countertops and cabinets
  • accessible shower with grab bars and a hand-held shower head
  • raised toilet seats
  • roll-under sinks
  • bright lighting
  • extra storage space for necessary supplies and equipment
  • built-in handicap accessible driving controls
Although these customizations are often included in an accessible RV, everyone’s needs are different. Find an RV dealer near you to inquire about accessible RV customization options that will best suit your needs. 
Over the past few years, RVing has become more popular in the disabled community. 

“RVing is the equal opportunity travel option where no one is precluded. What other mode of travel allows folks to bring their accessibility with them? Accessibility issues that are often encountered in hotels and restaurants are solved with a comfortable ‘home-away-from-home’,” said Gayle Martinelli, a member of theHandicapped Travel Club

A compact travel Amigo, like the TravelMate or the Viva, will help you stay on the go while traveling in an RV. With a customized RV and a lightweight, compact Amigo, you will be able to enjoy an accessible vacation! 
Amigo Mobility will be attending the Good Sam RV Rally in Louisville, Ky. June 21-24. The Rally is a large trade show featuring the latest and greatest in RV accessories, as well as fun and entertainment for those who love RV travel. We will be featuring our new TravelMate III, a foldable Amigo that is perfect for the active RVer who is always on the go. If you are interested in attending The Rally, click here to register — we hope to see you there! 
Do you have a story for the next issue of Friendly Wheels? Send ideas to bwenzlick@myamigo.com to be featured in a future newsletter!


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