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Portable mobility cart

Viva by Amigo Mobility

carrying weight

maximum range

weight capacity

Uncompromising performance and customer satisfaction are built into the heart of every Amigo cart.

With its class leading battery range, a powerful, whisper-quiet motor, portable design, luxurious seating options and an industry exclusive infinite seat rotation, the Viva will get you where you want to go with confidence, maximum comfort, and durability.

Elevate your mobility with Viva by Amigo Mobility, and let every day be an opportunity for adventure.

Starting at
$2,695 usd

Portable by design

From its conception, Viva was designed and engineered to be portable. In just a few simple steps, you can easily disassemble the Viva into manageable components, making it a breeze to take along on your journeys. Whether it’s for a road trip, a visit to a friend’s house, or going on new adventures, Viva can go with you.

Optional removable arms


Battery options

Standard range

Viva battery graph agm

6 miles* – AGM batteries

$2,695 usd

Long range

Viva battery graph lithium-ion

16 miles* – Lithium-Ion battery

$3,025 usd

*Battery range is tested with a new battery at maximum weight capacity. Range can be affected by many variables, including driver weight, terrain, temperature, age of battery and charging habits.

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