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Posted on Friday May 6, 2011

Summertime Mobility Safety

Friendly Wheels, Issue 6
July 2008

Summer is here and the sunshine beckons us outdoors. You’ll be enjoying the next couple of months traveling about on your Amigo Power Operated Vehicle/Scooter. Since we consider each of you a special member of our Amigo family, your mobility safety is very important to us.

Whenever you are out and about on your Amigo, remember to follow these safety suggestions:alt

  • Number one and the most important point is that the Amigo is designed for sidewalks and designated pedestrian crosswalks and walkways when riding outside. Please do not put yourself in harm’s way by driving on highways or crossroads.
  • Remember to turn the key switch OFF before getting on or off your Amigo.
  • Drive slowly while turning and on inclines.

Stay alert and aware of your surroundings! Just as automobile owners must drive defensively, we encourage our Amigo owners to do the same. Be aware of pedestrians around you.  Don’t count on “the other guy” to watch out for you.

Amigo continuously strives to build innovative, high quality products with safety features built in. The oval handle design surrounds and protects forward and reverse control levers to cut down on accidental bumping of the levers or unintended movement. To control and adjust speed, the Amigo controller can adjust brake distance, speed adjustments and acceleration speed based on individual skills and comfort level. Armrests are designed to help prevent pinched fingers.

While practicing safe driving habits, there are also accessories for your Amigo to help support safety.

  • Make sure you are seen! Increase your visibility to moving cars with a safety flag on your Amigo. Special for Friendly Wheels readers, we are selling these safety flags for a discounted price of $24.00 until August 11, 2008. Call 800-248-9131 or e-mail to order.
  • When driving at dusk or in the evening especially, reflective tape on the back of the seat, rear cover and front tiller is very helpful. You can purchase reflective tape at any major superstore or hardware store. Or you can purchase online.
  • Headlight and taillight packages are available aftermarket for your Amigo. Some restrictions may apply on select models and handle options. Please contact our service team at 800-248-9131 for more specific details and pricing.

Refer to your Amigo owner’s manual for more suggested safe driving tips.

Please drive your Amigo carefully. All of us at Amigo Mobility wish you a relaxing, fun-filled and SAFE summer ahead. Enjoy!

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