Mobility Meets Function and Style

Posted on Thursday November 9, 2017

Mobility Meets Function and Style

Friendly Wheels, Issue 114

November 2017

Karen Schultz shares how her purple TravelMate has positively impacted her mobility.

Changes in personal mobility are challenging. Often resistance is felt initially, but change can actually be a pleasant thing. Independence is a topic that resonates throughout many Amigo owner stories. When my dad invented the first Amigo in 1968, he wanted to create a vehicle that gave people back their independence to be able to resume day-to-day activities and undertake new adventures.

Today, Amigo models and customizations suit just about every need, and that’s due in large part to our Amigo owners who let us know what’s needed. Sometimes, a custom paint color is enough to make overcoming change a little less intimidating. Karen Schultz shares how her experience with a TravelMate changed her outlook, and how easy it was to add an Amigo that worked for her into her life.

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Mobility Meets Function and Style

Karen Schultz from Saginaw, Michigan is a relatively new Amigo owner, but now couldn’t imagine life without it. In July, Karen got her first Amigo – a custom-painted purple “grape” TravelMate.

The TravelMate suits her lifestyle well because of its compact size and how easily it can be transported. It fits on the elevators, with room to spare, at Saginaw Valley State University’s campus where she takes “OLLI” classes. The SVSU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is a member-based organization that offers non-credit educational programs and travel opportunities for people over age 50. It is currently in its sixteenth year of operation and has more than 2,000 members.

Karen chose the color after looking at paint swatches with her husband, Mike, at a local home improvement store. The unique color helps her cruise around with confidence.

Karen Schultz with Jake Priest, Amigo Mobility Center consultant, and her dog, Olive

Pictured: Karen Schultz with Jake Priest, Amigo Mobility Center consultant, and her dog, Olive

Her Amigo provides mobility assistance so she doesn’t miss out on activities she enjoys. Karen has been living with diabetes for 60 years. Complications affecting her health were holding her back from fully participating in new opportunities and everyday activities.

In late spring, Karen rented a TravelMate so she could tour the Great Lakes Bay Region with her two sisters, Shari, who lives in Colorado, and MaryEllen, who resides in California. Using the Amigo was so effortless, her sisters encouraged her to consider getting one to use on a more regular basis.

With support from her husband, encouragement from her sisters and the positive experience she had renting one, Karen went to the Amigo Mobility Center in Bridgeport, Michigan to look at the options. She chose the TravelMate model because of its size – it can fit into tight indoor spaces while providing stable outdoor performance.

“I don’t know why I didn’t consider using an Amigo a long time ago. It makes getting around much easier,” Karen says.

Even her therapy dog, Olive, a West Highland White Terrier (a “Westie”), enjoys it, saving a few steps now and again by hopping on the platform between her feet.

Included on her list of adventures, Karen plans to visit both sisters in their home states in the near future. She could not imagine making these plans without her Amigo.

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Making Life Easier

With Shelley Peterman Schwarz

Maximizing Natural Light

Bring sunlight and the outdoors inside with plenty of windows, doors with windows, skylights and even mirrors to bring more light into a room. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of more light to navigate the space, but also may find natural light to be a mood booster.

A few benefits of a home filled with sunlight include…

Natural light is safe – Homes with good amounts of natural light provide proper illumination. This light makes it easier to read and can help to prevent avoidable accidents.

Natural light is economical – It provides an energy-efficient lighting option. Today’s generation of window and door products tout first-rate insulation capabilities to help keep utility bills low.

Natural light is healthy – Sunlight is recognized as a natural disinfectant. It can reduce the production of harmful bacteria and organisms that can grow in any house. Sunlight also boosts our immune systems by increasing production of vitamins B and D.

For more tips from Shelley Peterman Schwarz, mobility expert and Amigo owner, please click here.

You Ask, We Answer

What is the best way to relieve discomfort from sitting all day?

Proper seating is the ultimate way to maximize comfort and reduce the risk of pressure sores.

Jake Priest, Amigo Mobility Center consultant, says, “I recommend a pressure relief cushion for anyone sitting multiple hours at a time. The Prism Ideal Cushion is an excellent option, and the Invacare Matrx Vi Cushion is best for people sitting more than four hours a day.”

Both seat cushion options feature pressure relief foam layers.

Prism Ideal Cushion is designed for users that require mild to moderate postural support and offers gentle contours, helping to promote comfort, posture and pressure management.

Invacare Matrx Vi Cushion is designed for users at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown and provides optimum postural support and greater skin protection.

Ready to have the best seat in the house? Contact us about our collection of seating customizations designed to meet your mobility needs.

What’s New

Halloween is always a fun event at Amigo! This year departments captured the spirit of the holiday by choosing a theme to follow.

Pictured here is The Addams Family (left to right): Grandmama (Trish Borch), Cousin Itt (Megan Tuttle), Pugsley Addams (Gary Adams), Wednesday Addams (Jennifer Thieme Kehres), Morticia Addams (Beth Thieme) and Gomez Addams (Al Thieme).

Amigo’s yearly fundraising efforts are underway to help support the United Way of Saginaw County. Since 2005, Amigo has organized a charitable campaign committed to supporting the United Way’s mission of improving lives by mobilizing community-led solutions.

We have found great success with activities such as jeans days, 50/50 raffles, a Michigan-Michigan State Change War and weekly pick-your-prize raffles. All money raised goes to our United Way campaign.

To see more Amigo activities, ‘like’ us on Facebook.

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