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Posted on Thursday March 31, 2011

How to Find the Right Mobility Dealer for You

Friendly Wheels, Issue 14
March 2009

Finding the right mobility dealer is just as critical as finding the right mobility equipment. No matter which mobility aid you choose, your dealer should be there to support you every step of the way.




Scott, second from left, with Wixom employees and Al Thieme

For two decades, Scott Chappell has been assisting people regain their mobility independence. In 1989, Scott began his career at Amigo Mobility International, Inc. in telemarketing sales. One year later, he became a mobility consultant at the Amigo Mobility Center – at corporate headquarters in Bridgeport, Mich. By 1995, Chappell was named manager of the store he went on to operate for 12 years, giving him the experience to open the newest Amigo Mobility Center in Wixom, Mich., October 2008. “The Wixom location is a way to bring the Amigo factory to our customers,” Chappell says. “Amigo Mobility has built a reputation of quality products and quality service, and I am proud to bring that to our customers in this area.”

Donna Layman and her husband John have been mobility dealers since 1975 in Arizona. Amigo Mobility opened its doors in 1968, so the Laymans’ staying power is a testimonial to their ongoing commitment of providing the best mobility solution for their customers. “There are four key points to consider when choosing a dealer,” Donna says. “How long have they been in business, why are they in business, what is their motivation and what products do they carry and why?”

“Their customers’ needs should be the main focus for their business,” Donna said. As an Amigo owner herself, Donna knows the importance of a quality mobility aid and reliable dealer – especially if you are in need of using the product daily.

Ben Mornan, a New Jersey-based mobility dealer, has been in business since 1990. “Experience is worth its weight in gold,” Ben says. He also stresses that a good dealer must have a variety of product in stock in order to accurately or fairly evaluate the individual’s ability to function with a particular mobility aid’s features. Although it is possible to buy products online, it is important to work with a dealer to make sure it is usable, will fit through doorways and easy to maneuver in your home.

How the product will be transported is a primary discussion item with your dealer. Are you going to buy a customized van with a ramp, install a lift in the car trunk or buy a travel model that folds down? Many times transporting the product is the main decision-making factor.

Always consider service when selecting a dealer. You need to be able to depend on your mobility aid. No matter what kind of product you have, the dealer should be able to service it for you. Having parts in stock is an added benefit. For example, if you are leaving for vacation on Saturday and on Friday discover you need a new part, the right dealer should be able to service on-site or at their store the same day.

Most importantly, choose a dealer who puts your needs first. He or she should ask questions about your condition and how well you currently function. The right dealer will take time to work with you to improve your functioning capabilities and find the right mobility solution for you. Beware of the dealer who is just out to “make the sale” or quick to provide a product to you at no charge.

“It’s always been about improving someone else’s life. There is a lot of gratification in that,” Scott says. “It is why I have stayed in this industry for so long.”

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