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Posted on Tuesday March 15, 2011

Dreams Really Do Come True!

Friendly Wheels, Issue 10
November 2008

By: Trisston Wright Burrows


Shortly after my birth on August 12, 1975, I was diagnosed with a condition called Cerebral Palsy which affects my fine motor skills and ability to balance to walk. However, from the day I was born, the word “can’t” has never been in my vocabulary. My family has always encouraged me to do my very best and that’s exactly what I’ve tried to do!

Throughout childhood, I was extremely active. When other toddlers were learning to walk, I was learning to use a wheelchair for mobility. However, using a manual wheelchair was very difficult for me. Luckily, one day my Mom and I were at the grocery store in my hometown of Prattville, Alabama and we saw a lady riding an electric POV/scooter. She gladly told us all about her Amigo, gave us contact information and a few days later my parents contacted the headquarters in Michigan to purchase my very first Amigo.

Talk about a dream coming true! My Amigo opened up a whole new world to me. No longer did I have to struggle with a manual wheelchair nor did I have to rely on others to push me. I literally grew up with my Amigo…from enjoying just being a kid and participating in school activities, clubs, hobbies, marching band to first dates, socials, proms, high school graduation, college graduation and a pageant…my Amigo has been right there with me.

In fact, when I was a little girl, I heard about a contest called the Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant and I dreamed of one day being in it. And one of my biggest dreams came true, when I was selected as Ms. Wheelchair America/Alabama 2005

With this, I have the great privilege and honor of serving as an advocate, an educator and a promoter of issues concerning people with disabilities, while at the same time serving as an inspiration and encouragement to all people by demonstrating what the word “ability” truly means. My platform focuses on the “Extra-Ordinary Abilities” of people with disabilities…that is, the determination to go beyond the ordinary and I take every opportunity to share my story with others.

In June of 2006, I traveled to Troy University in Troy, Alabama to speak at the Youth Leadership Forum. When I arrived, I was greeted by a young man named


Brian who would be speaking along-side me on a panel. From the moment we met, sparks flew! Brian has the same disability that I have (Cerebral Palsy) but his affects him a little differently than me. He walks with a gape and he has a speech impediment. Like me, Brian has never allowed his disability to serve as a barrier to living life to its fullest.

After the conference ended, Brian contacted me and we began dating. As we grew closer and closer, I knew he was the one and he knew I was his “Miss Wright.” And in addition to dating, we began making speaking appearances together.

But hold on. . . the story is about to get really good! (Please click here to read the rest of their story!)

It is hard to believe that I have been an Amigo user now for 25 years. I have heard it said that time flies when you’re having fun. If this is the case, then I must be having a blast! Dreams really do come true!! Thanks Amigo for being there every step of the way.

Trisston uses an Amigo RT Express. She is an accomplished artist and writer, with work in galleries throughout Alabama and in The Very Special Arts of Alabama Traveling Exhibit. Additionally, she pens a regular column in the Tri-County Gazette called “Trisston’s Tidbits.”

Trisston and her husband Brian travel throughout the country advocating, educating and promoting the abilities of people with disabilities, for more information go to brianandtrisston.com.

For more information about Trisston, go to trisstonwrightburrows.com.

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