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Posted on Monday October 12, 2020

Amigo Mobility’s newest material handling product – the Dex HD – gives a big impact, with a small footprint 


BRIDGEPORT, Mich., October 12, 2020 – Industry leader, Amigo Mobility aims to continuously pursue its goal of Improving Lives Through Mobility. The company recently developed a product line of compact and highly maneuverable motorized material handling carts and tuggers. The products are an alternative for moving large items without relying on fork trucks.  

“We’ve taken our knowledge and innovation and developed this new material handling product line. It’s designed to help people be more efficient during their job and safely move products and materials throughout their facilities.” said Jennifer Kehres, Director of Business Development at Amigo Mobility. “Most comparable carts are bigger and heavier. Ours is unique. It’s more beneficial than a manual cart, but it’s not as big and bulky as a Cushman or a forklift. Our newest product is really a gamechanger with it’s total capacity. We’re excited to see the impact it’ll bring to our customers.” 

The company has announced the launch of the newest product in the line, the Dex HD. This mid-sized tow tractor combines strength and durability with a compact design. Engineered to fit through narrow spaces and give maximum visibility for safety, Dex HD has a total capacity of 3,000 lbs with a footprint of just 55” x 25”. With the universal hitch, material handling customers will have the ability to move a variety of items. 

Creating a big impact, with a small footprint the Dex HD: 

  • Can haul existing trailers (custom trailers also available for unique solutions) 
  • Has a tight 46” (117 cm) turning radius for easy maneuvering 
  • Provides excellent visibility with its stand-up carrier 
  • Has quick access to service components 
  • Is below capital cost and has affordable customization available 

For more information or to request a quote, visit, call Marketing Manager, Arielle Roth, at 989-921-5016 or email  

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About Amigo Mobility 

Since Al Thieme invented the first powered mobility vehicle/scooter in 1968, Amigo continues to make innovation a priority. Over the decades, the family-owned business with more than 100 employees has grown to include three product lines – healthcare, grocery/retail and material handling – each serving various markets while meeting different mobility needs. Amigo products are manufactured in Michigan and shipped worldwide. As an industry leader, Amigo aims to continuously pursue its goal of Improving Lives Through Mobility®. Learn more at 

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