Louie on the Go – Accessible Air Travel | Friendly Wheels | Issue 82

Posted on Tuesday December 9, 2014

Louie on the Go – Accessible Air Travel

Friendly Wheels, Issue 82
December 2014

With Amigo owner Louie Cowan


Though Amigo owner Louie Cowan says he is “retired with no work desired,” he is always on the go!

Louie stays busy by traveling and volunteering with the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) since 2005, where he helps fundraise for MDA events like their MDA Muscle Walk. Going door-to-door last year, Louie raised more than $2,000!

Along with his fundraising efforts, Louie loves to travel. When traveling became difficult he began taking his Amigo RD with him, but needed something more portable than his everyday Amigo.


After seeing the TravelMate, Louie knew he had found his new travel companion!


“I like how portable it is,” said Louie. “I love having an Amigo I can fold up and take with me on a plane.”


Now when Louie travels, he can drive to the gate at the airport, fold the Travelmate and watch airline personnel take it away. When he lands, it is waiting for him at the gate.


Throughout his travel experiences, Louie has become an expert on making flying with an Amigo as smooth as possible.


Here are some of Louie’s favorite accessible travel tips for flying:

  • Ask if the airline has an information form to fill out. If so, carry a copy with you and tape one to the battery of the Amigo

  • Attach a sign to your Amigo to alert airline personnel. Louie’s sign says “Please be careful, this is my legs!”


  • Secure your TravelMate with bungee cords for extra support during handling

After returning from a recent trip to California, Louie has already begun fundraising plans for the next MDA Walk in 2015.


“I want to get more of the community involved and really make a difference,” Louie said.


For more accessible tips, click here to visit the travel tips page on myamigo.com or click here to download our travel brochure.


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