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Posted on Monday March 21, 2011

“Two” Much Fun

Friendly Wheels, Issue 27
May 2010

By: Fran Hetzner, Amigo Mobility

Twin sisters, Jill and Joy Procida, are loyal Amigo owners living full and fun-filled lives. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, they reside there, still, in a small city called Jeannette … Jill and Joy in Jeannette (a bit of word humor!)

The twins were both diagnosed with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy at the age of seven and were able to walk until after high school before entering Seton Hill University. At that point they discovered Amigo. The first of their five or six models (they’ve forgotten just how many) was the little yellow Front Drive Amigo. As time passed, their busy lives required a fuller range of mobility resulting in their selections of the Amigo RDs, which they’ve had ever since.

Jill and Joy

Joy (left) & her twin sister Jill with Bronze the Fonz in Milwaukee

Jill and Joy, both, have bachelor in music degrees in music performance and diplomas in medical transcription. Jill not only plays the saxophone, but also gives private instruction at Seton Hill University. Joy plays trumpet and is a part-time transcriptionist.

From community bands to symphonic ensembles to a 17-piece big band … music and their Amigos are ever close at hand. With the ability of the Amigo seat to turn a full 360 degrees, locking the seat in place with the tiller behind them allows for space and full motion while playing their instruments.

On a special note, Joy began and continues to manage the Glass City Swing Band and invites readers to view and listen to their Web site at

When asked about a special memory experienced as Amigo owners, the sisters considered this a tough question. Over the past 25 years there have been so many good moments and good times because of their mobility independence.

Joy expresses the feelings of freedom. As her LGMD slowly progressed, it was getting harder and harder to get around “limiting the things I would be able to do, places I could go … all that started to become very stressful for me … getting my Amigo was a stress reliever really. I felt as though now, I had more freedom to do the things that I could not do and go to places I would not be able to go — the mall or traveling to one of my favorite destinations — Disney World!”

Jill’s response outlines specific areas of her life. “I attended college, completely traveled the campus and obtained a degree in music performance. As a Joy and Jill musician, I would not be able to play my saxophone because a regular wheelchair would prohibit my mobility to play an instrument. As for recreation, my Amigo is my faithful buddy. One of the best times I have had in my life was visiting a group of friends in Milwaukee, Wis.”

The Procida sisters share these parting thoughts with each of you. “Take one day at a time. When the struggles come, don’t be discouraged so easily. Keep doing what you’re doing and soon it will pass. True happiness is not based on the fact that we will never have struggles or sadness or pain in our lives, but instead it is based on knowing the One who is happiness.”

Thank you, Jill and Joy, for letting us share your happiness with other Amigo owners.

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