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Posted on Wednesday December 30, 2020

2020 was an interesting year to put it nicely. We all had curveballs thrown at us that we weren’t expecting. But most of us tried to make the best of it all. As Amigo employees are letting go of 2020, and welcoming in 2021, we asked them to reflect. On how they coped, what they learned, the positives they found throughout this past year. And what their New Years resolutions are for the upcoming one. Check out what some of them had to say!

I have found numerous silver linings to this year we’ve called 2020. I was able to spend more time at home with my family earlier in the year. Along with more time to focus on my little side business.

In addition, I’ve had the pleasure of “working from home” for the first time in my life!

Chris Hunter, Customer Service

2020 allowed me to spend more time with my wife. With that I discovered that I might be able to survive retirement, phew! My days, at home were a little crazy trying to make an office and figure out what day it was. The positive was the additional two hours everyday without needing to travel, pack a lunch, and get ready daily.

It was hard not being with coworkers and friends, although zoom did help.

The added time also le us enjoy a six day trip for our 40th anniversary on Mackinac Island. It has been a dream of my wife’s to see the Mushroom houses in Charlevoix. The trip meant we were able to cross that off for her!

I am excited to move forward into 2021 with a handful of resolutions for the new year:
– Read the bible through by the end of the year
– Grow a vegetable garden I am proud of
– Read or listen to two books a month
– Learn how to do one home improvement project

Mike Galer, Director of Finance

I will openly say that 2020 has been the hardest year of my life, COVID aside (though it didn’t help). It also has been the best year of my life. It has brought me tremendous growth and taught me to re-prioritize what’s important to me.

– I lost my job in April due to COVID job cuts. I didn’t know it but it was going to provide me with much needed family time in the following months. It also opened up the door to take this position at Amigo. And it has been absolutely wonderful and the perfect fit for me!

– My grandpa passed away just a short week after that job loss. Again, I didn’t realize how grateful I would be for the totally open schedule that had appeared in my life. 2020 gave me the chance to:
– take a step back from responsibilities
– breathe for a bit
– prioritize my loved ones.

– My grandpa and I spent days talking about a solo trip through the UP (a bucket list item for me). After he passed I decided to finally do it. Along with traveling to over 40 other places in Michigan for hiking and camping trips. And I took him, in sweatshirt form, to Brockway Mountain, the farthest north and highest point in Michigan…picture attached below.

– All of those hikes also resulted in 25 pounds lost!

So moving into 2021 I do have the typical resolutions. I’d like to lose 25 more pounds and do the dishes after every meal. But my main resolution is to continue living in this new found mindset. Along with spend even more time with my family and continue to embrace opportunities that allow me to grow.

I’d also like to add another 40 stops onto my hiking and camping list!

Arielle Roth, Marketing Manager

In April of 2020 I decided to start losing weight and work on becoming a healthier version of myself. During that time, I’ve lost 16 pounds and kept it off. My hope is to lose a bit more and gain more strength, so I guess my resolution is just to keep the mentality I have now and to keep striving.

I follow the rule of three D’s to help me keep going: determined, disciplined and dedicated. I feel that it happens in that order, as well.

Kim Wegryzn, Administrative Assistant

2020 has given my family some pretty serious curveballs this year. January 7th, my husband was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of lung cancer. On February 10th, my dad passed away just after three months of being in liver failure. Six weeks later my husband away, after a very difficult battle over 10 weeks.

The day after he passed away, at a time when family needed family, Michigan went into lockdown.

Instantly, I was a single mom to my 15-year old daughter and we were stuck at home. My two adult sons were at their own homes. Our house was quiet, we were trying to figure out how to live a new form of life. I had to force myself and my daughter to do even simply daily tasks and activities.

My daughters mental health took a major hit with no classmates or school to attend. Our family spent the coming months learning what our new life looked like, coping with the ups and downs and a new saying I use regularly #livingmybestlife.

Now as we are bringing this year to an end, I look back and am extremely thankful for those that have supported me through 2020. I took tragedy and turned it around to focus on health, laughter, fun and new adventure. Looking ahead to 2021, I don’t have resolutions, just…#livingmybestlife.

Trisha Borch, Sales Manager

I don’t usually set resolutions, but I actually do have a resolution for 2021…read 30 books!

Jennifer Thieme-Kehres, Director of Business Development

Arielle’s Grandpa at the top of Michigan!

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