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Posted on Friday June 7, 2013

Let the Good Times Roll

Friendly Wheels, Issue 64
June 2013

Featuring Amigo owner Bob Hilton 

For Amigo owner Bob Hilton, the good times of summer keep rolling year round. Though Bob and his wife Virginia spend their summers at home in Grove City, Pa., for the past 19 years they have traveled to the warmth of Lady Lake, Fla. for six months each winter.

An Amigo owner since 1991, Bob’s first Amigo was a used RD. Since then, Bob has become a bit of an Amigo collector — he now has six Amigos, including an FD he bought last year. “I’ve always enjoyed repairing small engines and other mechanical items,” Bob said. Along with doing mechanical work on their vehicles, Bob has refurbished two used Amigos.

Bob and Virginia have been avid campers for the past 25 years and have used various means to transport Bob’s Amigos. For a favorite RV trip through New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada, Bob built a one-wheeled trailer that attached to the back bumper and carried his Amigo RD. 

“He packs the smaller FD into our van on travels to and from Florida and uses the RD to get in and out of the van — he does the driving using hand controls,” said Virginia. 

Bob’s best tip when traveling by car or van is to prepare for weather. “Trying to get into or out of the van takes time, and when it’s raining it can be more difficult — I like to keep a poncho handy to place over me and my Amigo to keep us both dry,” Bob said.

Once they arrive to Florida in the fall, the fun and relaxation really begins. During their time at Lady Lake, they originally used campers but have since switched to a permanent park-model trailer home at an RV resort. 

Once at the park, Bob finds it handy to have two Amigos with him. “The RD works best for outdoor use and while traveling from place to place, but the smaller FD works best in the mobile home because it fits so well in tight spaces,” Bob said. With six in his fleet, Bob is sure to have an Amigo for any situation!

Bob’s favorite activity is playing bass guitar with a local band in the Lady Lake RV park. Always the handy man, Bob even built a small trailer that attaches to the back of his RD to carry his guitar and other equipment to each gig! The band often plays at nearby parks, retirement communities or at street parties where people dance along in the street.      


Bob’s Amigo is well-known in the RV park’s Christmas parade, where he decorates his Amigo while pulling the neighbor’s westie dog in his trailer. Bob also enjoys fishing at a nearby pier on the Indian River at New Smyrna Beach. 

We hope you had a wonderful winter in Lady Lake, and we hope you enjoy your summer back in Pennsylvania! Thank you for being such a loyal Amigo customer.

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