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Posted on Thursday September 3, 2015

Jean’s Hobbies

Friendly Wheels, Issue 111
June 2017

With Amigo owner Jean Iutzi of Harrison, Michigan.

For Jean Iutzi (pronounced yewt-zee), the summer season couldn’t have come any sooner!

It’s during the warmer months that she can enjoy one of her favorite hobbies – gardening. “I love to plant anything from flowers to vegetables,” Jean said.

While she’s gardening, Jean usually brings along a friend for the ride. “My cat, Rocky Sue, loves to ride on my lap when I go out gardening,” she said. “He jumps on for a ride at the first sound of my Amigo!” Jean says that Rocky Sue, and all her previous cats, were never taught this. “Funny thing is that I never trained any of my cats to do this. They just learned on their own.”


Jean also enjoys painting and traveling in her spare time. Though she’s never had any formal lessons, Jean has always enjoyed painting landscapes. Several of her paintings are currently hanging in buildings throughout the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. When it comes to traveling, one of her favorite places to visit is the beautiful city gardens in New Orleans, Louisiana. She also likes to visit the shops and restaurants on Mackinac Island, Michigan.


Jean, a polio survivor, says she wouldn’t be able to enjoy her hobbies without the help from her Amigo. “My Amigo makes it possible for me to do many things that I couldn’t do before,” she said.

Jean purchased her first Amigo in 1986. Two years later and with the help of her Amigo, Jean joined the Michigan Polio Network (MPN) to help spread word about polio and the symptoms of post-polio syndrome. Jean was in charge of setting up state-wide MPN conference events which brought in around 200 attendees each year. At these events, Jean coordinated with Amigo Mobility to make sure the newest Amigo models were always on display for people to see.

A former MPN board member and support group leader, Jean still helps today by providing support and information online.  “I don’t think I would’ve been able to do my job over the years without the help from my Amigo,” Jean recalls.

Having owned an Amigo for over 30 years, Jean has always appreciated the independence it allows her to have. “The most important thing to me is my freedom, and with my Amigo, I can still enjoy that,” Jean said. “I always tell everyone – I won’t use a wheelchair until I’m forced to! 


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Making Life Easier Making

with Shelley Peterman SchwarzIntercoms_Whole-Home-Replacement-Intercoms.jpg

If you have difficulty quickly answering the door, consider replacing your current doorbell with an intercom model.

Place the receiver in convenient location and when the doorbell rings, a buzzer notifies you. You can then see the person, talk to them and push a button to let them in.

If you’re interested in purchasing an intercom for your home, click here.

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You Ask, We Answer

What do I do if my Amigo key breaks off?amigo_with_key.JPG

Occasionally, a key may break off in the key lock. To remove the old key, turn the Amigo off and put a 90-degree bend at the end of a paper clip or pin. Push the pin in the key lock beside the key and twist and pull the key and pin out. Use needle nose pliers or a flat knife to turn the key lock until a new key is sent. 

To order a spare or replacement key, please contact our customer service team at (989) 777-0910 or

For more helpful tips on your Amigo, click here.


What’s New at Amigo

This past May, Team Amigo participated in the 2017 Walk MS! More than 40 Amigo associates and family members (plus a few dogs!) showed up for the event in Frankenmuth, Michigan. As always, the event was a giant success with nearly 100 local teams in attendance for the 5K walk.

May also marked the beginning of Team Amigo’s Summer Softball League. To officially kick off the new season, the team presented Al Thieme with an honorary jersey as Amigo’s #1 Fan. Good luck, team, on another great season!


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